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Download Among Us APK MOD 2022 ( %100 Menu, MOD Unlocked) is a fantastic multiplayer action role-playing game, premise on the classic board game Play online or over local WiFi with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone!
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Apr 20, 2022
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Introduction Of Among Us MOD APK

Among Us APK MOD 2022 v2022.4.29 – Among Us by Innersloth is a fantastic multiplayer action role-playing game. The main premise of the game is based on the classic board game Werewolf, and it centres on the teamwork, beliefs, and doubts of a group of astronauts in space. After that, the astronauts must find out how to get the spacecraft into orbit. A few assassins, on the other hand, have infiltrated the team with the intent of killing everyone.

Among Us is one of the most popular games presently. The game will take place aboard a spacecraft with a total of 10 players. And one of them would be chosen at random to be an impostor. As a consequence, there will be two teams when the game begins: one impostor and the other crewmates. Your aim as an impostor would be to murder other players while pretending to be ignorant of the impostor’s true identity and ejecting other passengers from the ship. You’ll also be able to sabotage in order to cause mayhem, making killings and alibis simpler. If you’re a crewmate, you’ll have to help out with different tasks, remain safe so you don’t get murdered, and most importantly, report dead corpses and find out who the real impostor is.

Among Us MOD APK
Among Us MOD APK
App NameAmong Us MOD APK
Latest Version2022.4.29
Size166 MB
Developed ByInnersloth LLC
Requirement6.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads100 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All, Menu, MOD Unlocked

Among Us MOD APK Information Game

For those interested, Among Us now features thrilling action and puzzle-solving gameplay in which you compete against a large number of other players in an addictive real-time battle. Set off on an epic spaceship journey with your crew. You should be aware, though, that there are impostors among you. And, in order to remain on the spacecraft, Android gamers must work together with other players to reveal the imposters, or they will be murdered. To win the game, you may try to complete all of the tasks set to you while also repairing the spacecraft.

On the other hand, if you play as the imposters, you may attempt to disrupt the spaceship’s systems, making it more difficult for the crew to carry out their jobs. Attempt to remove any lonely or unprotected players at the same time to improve your chances of winning. The members will have a heated argument at the conclusion of each round to discover who the imposters are. Both teams must use every trick in the book to expose or misdirect the other, making their objectives easier to achieve.

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Features of Among Us MOD APK

Among Us MOD APK Characters

When you initially begin playing, you are randomly allocated to one of two camps. You must complete your aim and mission if you wish to win on either side. To win for the Astronaut faction, complete the goals to launch the spacecraft or track down all the impostors. The imposter, on the other hand, was tough to find immediately away. Because they will have a hard time revealing their genuine identities in the near future. After vandalism and killings, the astronauts will discover about the imposter.

If any corpses are found as a result of vandalism, they may either repair the damage or report it. Astronauts may call an emergency meeting to analyze suspicious conduct and determine whether or not to remove the suspects. Remember that the ultimate aim is to defeat the impostors and launch the spacecraft. Please, Imposter, do everything in your power to destroy all of the Astronauts. To accomplish so, you must first fool them by acting as if you are doing tasks and chatting with them as if they are true astronauts throughout talks. They may then conduct vandalism in order to disrupt and divide up the team.

There will be no advertisements or pets.

Even if you won’t be bothered while playing this game, there will be those moments when you want to throw your phone out the window. This is because commercials appear in the midst of a game. You’d be outraged if you had to reshuffle everything just because of one ad. As a consequence, I created a mod APK for this game to fix the problem. You won’t have to deal with any advertisements in this modded version of the game, and you won’t have to pay for pets since they’re unlimited.

Several languages are supported.

Customers may utilize the application’s services in any of their preferred languages. Among the languages available are Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Finnish, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Romania, Bulgarian, Thai, Slovak, Ukrainian, Amharic, Zulu, Armenian, and many more. Because the program supports so many languages, anybody from anywhere in the globe may use it without difficulty.


Among Us MOD APK Graphics and sound

One of the game’s most enticing elements is its graphics. The game lacks the high-definition visuals that are common in today’s games. The visuals in this game, on the other hand, are decent and in line with the game’s premise.

You will be able to customize your gaming persona, and each participant in the game will have a distinct look. As a consequence, you’ll be able to establish your own distinct personality in this game that no other player will be able to match. Smooth motions and views will also be provided. The game runs at a 60 frames per second frame rate. The visuals of the game aren’t especially spectacular. What makes the game so intriguing is that you can play it with your friends.

New responsibilities

The atmosphere is varied, and you’ll spend time doing fascinating objectives that are unique to that setting. Simultaneously, a new goal named Vent Clean was introduced, and the name says it all when it comes to cleaning this location. There are a few things to bear in mind since this place is usually linked to the game’s Impostors, and we can confirm that this assignment will have an influence on gameplay.

When you clean the vent, you’ll notice something unexpected: the Impostor’s inclination to run down the vent will be suppressed. In other words, the button will not appear when the Impostor visits the cleaned site. A Crewmate comes to clean the vent since an Impostor hasn’t gone yet; the person in it will be revealed, and you’ll know how to report the opponent. As a consequence, go to a big group of individuals you trust and rant.

Thrilling Levels

When making a gaming screen, there are a lot of things to think about. The number of players, the number of Impostors, whether the enemy’s identity is revealed when they are thrown into space, and the skill’s duration are all factors to consider. These factors will have a significant influence on the complexity of the gameplay in this game that you must accomplish. Then, before you begin the game, you must speak with the host to ensure that everything is in order.

The gameplay of Among Us is straightforward, and it is based on the werewolf game, in which each player is aware of their job and seeks to perform effectively in order to finish the level. Crewmates must remove all of the Impostors aboard the ship using the information they uncover throughout the game. At the same time, if Crewmate’s number is equal to Impostor’s, the game will almost surely favor the murderers. As a consequence, it’s a lot of fun to play.

The game adds an extra requirement since obtaining the intended goal might take a long time for both participants. That is, the Impostor will carry out his acts of sabotage and then wait for the circumstances to pass before completing Crewmate’s assignments. As a consequence, each player must be aware of his surroundings and mindful of the aspects he is performing.

Participate with Other Players

Because it is an online game, you will not be able to miss matches with your friends or other players. You may join or establish a match with a number of players ranging from 4 to 15 persons, depending on your preferences. Making space, as previously indicated, must be carefully considered in order to prevent a confrontation over number and strength on one side. At the same time, the game’s wide range of colors and accessories is fun to play with and helps you customize your character.

As an imposter, get rid of everything.

Unlike Crewmates, Imposters have a defined mission and aim, such as destroying the map or murdering all Crewmates before being thrown out of the airlock. Crewmates may simply be wary of impostors and condemn them without any visible penalties since impostors are unable to accomplish duties. Impostors, on the other hand, may be able to travel faster throughout the globe due to the vast vent system, which assists them in departing after causing a ruckus. They may also sabotage key portions of the map, which the Crewmates must repair within a certain period of time or the whole map will be destroyed and defeated.

Money that never runs out

The ability to do so is one of the most advanced aspects of having the Among Us MOD APK. This is because if you play the game, you’ll soon learn that you’ll need money to obtain your skin. You may purchase whatever skin you like or even play as a little kid. It’s not a kid, but a little version of oneself. For this reason, people download Among Us MOD APK to get unlimited money.

All of the skins have been unlocked.

This is one of the reasons why people are looking for Among Us MOD APK. When you play the game, you’ll notice that you may attach a variety of skins and accessories to your body, such as clothing and decorations. You may wear a number of various headwear and hats throughout the game. You’d have to pay a price for this, but with mod APK games, you’ll be able to wear anything you want from the store without spending any money.

All sorts of maps may be unlocked.

When you first start playing the game, you’ll see how many maps there are. These aren’t maps; they’re different spacecraft where the astronauts may land and play. The first, which comes as standard, is one of the most simple, and you’ll become bored quickly. When you try to look at the other maps in the game, though, you’ll see that they’re all closed since you have to pay a certain amount to access them. However, you will not have to pay anything to access the many types of maps in this program.

Hats indefinitely

If you’re a frequent player in this game, you already know how important headgear is. Even though you can identify them distinct by their colors since they’re all different, what you wear on top of your head might occasionally define your name. There are many different types of people who have poor color vision in today’s world. They’re people who can’t tell the difference between colors. As a consequence, many individuals refer to one another by the color of their hats rather than their skin. With this mod APK, you will acquire all of the headgear for free and everything will be unlocked.

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