APK Beast Quest MOD Mobile 2022 [Unlimited Money]


APK Beast Quest MOD Mobile Beast Quest is a three-dimensional open-world action game in which you play as a genuine hero
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Animoca Brands
September 28, 2020
4.1 and up
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Download Game APK Beast Quest MOD Mobile Download 2022 [Unlimited Money]

APK Beast Quest MOD Mobile Beast Quest is a three-dimensional open-world action game in which you play as a genuine hero. Fully equipped and ready to take on the road’s most dangerous opponents. It’s no wonder that this game is recognized for its challenging gameplay and unique gameplay concept. Assume the role of the solitary hero of the world. Will you fight or will you swiftly fall victim to the evil power? Let’s explore how far we can go in this magical land.

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APK Beast Quest MOD Mobile Description

App NameAPK Mod Beast Quest
Latest Version1.0.6
Size95 MB
Developed ByAnimoca Brands
Requirement4.1 and up
Worldwide Downloads5 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Potions, Disable Enemy

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Overview of the game

The region of Beast Quest Mod is home to the world’s biggest and scariest beasts. Promising to provide gruesome conflicts fraught with death. Players must have adequate skill and patience to conquer them. Based on the map, direct your wizard to monster-infested locations. Players will be able to handle their characters more freely and launch combat capabilities using virtual keys with a range of features that will display on the screen.

Simply pressing the attack button will summon magical spells that will paralyze the enemy’s body till it dies.

However, this method only works against squishy creatures. Because there are so many formidable bosses and giants to battle with. Dealing with them requires a methodical strategy, with each action well planned. If you are not cautious, you will lose your life right away. Each of your beasts and mage will have its own HP bar. Fire a critical attack when the enemy’s health is low and finish the job fast.

Kill them one by one until your character’s fighting abilities are adequate. Allowing the magician’s HP bar to get drained to the point of death is not a smart idea.

APK Beast Quest MOD Mobile
APK Beast Quest MOD Mobile

Features of APK Beast Quest MOD Mobile

A one-of-a-kind endeavor to rid the world of evil

In the wonderful paradise of Avantia, everyone lives happily and peacefully together. Historically, it was a place linked with magic and the occult. One day, a self-described evil witch performed spells. Bring a wide range of animals to life. Since then, humans and monsters have been locked in a world-shattering battle. On a human level, I think of you as a hero.

You’ll do all you can to help in the fight against many terrible forces invading the city. All creatures must be defeated by rising up and battling.

The game will be made in the horizontal format, which is almost ubiquitous in RPGs. You’ll be able to navigate about using the mimicked keys on the screen. Explore the vast world and perform any assignment that a hero is assigned. You’ll be entrusted with a range of battle and exploring tasks in Beast Quest. Of course, meeting monsters will be the most frequent and important activity.

Prepare to go on a journey to discover what it takes to become a genuine hero.

More Games Role Playing

Develop a habit of fighting in this way.

In contrast to many other games in the category, you will battle in Beast Quest in a very different way. We’ll continue to blend buttons to create enemy assaults. Monster conflicts, on the other hand, are fought individually rather than in groups.

You’ll assault adversaries one by one, gradually defeating them. Everyone, including you, will have their own health bar. When the health bar runs empty, it is considered dead and destroyed. To fight each monster efficiently, you must first learn all there is to know about it. You will not be forgiven if you assault a huge wolf or a Yeti. Please make advantage of their special strikes to avoid getting attacked and to inflict more damage.

Make a plethora of powerful weaponry.

As the journey nears its conclusion, the monster will get more powerful. In the late game, they’ll be at their most powerful, and you’ll have to battle them all to end the game. Gathering weapons to enhance the hero, such as swords, shields, armor, and shoes with varying stats, is the most essential thing to do. An item that was originally used to increase damage. The rest enhances movement speed and endurance. Don’t ignore them since they’re really important in combat. With a little luck and the correct abilities, you can beat any monster. Keep in mind that you’ll need to acquire resources on a regular basis to keep your armament up to current.

The cosmos is vast and boundless.

In any manner, the world-scale is unbounded. You may move about freely and swiftly throughout the game. It is possible to find out where the secret lairs of huge bosses are. You’ll come across a number of intriguing trinkets or easter eggs if you’re lucky. Its immensity is shown by the variety of numerous kinds of life. The settlements are scattered around the countryside

the landscape and people are quite peaceful. The combination of these things will make you want to play the game so much that you won’t be able to put it down.

The expansion of the worldwide gaming industry has yielded incredible results. As evidence, a slew of high-quality action games have been produced. Beast Quest can proudly assert that it is one of them. Become a hero to protect the world from evil. Create a battlefield in the Beast Quest mod to put a stop to the game once and for all.

Graphics and sound

Beast Quest Mod’s visuals and acoustics are of the highest quality, and all gamers agree. Because they’re all handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. So that players may get the most genuine experience with the game’s world. Create cartoon characters that are really amusing. A range of beautiful skins are also available to add to the magician’s opulence. The din of existence, as well as the lively, diverse sounds of various creatures. The game has a lot of today’s most exciting music, according to the publisher. Attempting to stay current while also inviting more individuals to engage.


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What's new

- Go beyond Nanook's icy plains and explore two new worlds! Journey to the coasts of Avantia in search of Sepron the Sea Serpent, and delve deep into the depths of Stonewin volcano to do battle with Epos the Flame Bird!

- Major and minor bug fixes