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Artifex Mundi
February 16, 2022
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Blade Bound APK MOD Legendary Hack  – Blade Bound: Darkness is a hack and slash action role-playing game that portrays the struggle between light and darkness. Long ago, the knights fell victim to the evil that would come to rule the world. After many years, the protagonist chooses to restore order, which takes him on a risky journey in which he will encounter and defeat several opponents. While directing the main character in combat, the player will be aware of the perils of the huge open landscape. Here, swipe management is employed. In addition, by gathering different artifacts like as weapons, armor, and relics, the player may improve the protagonist’s attributes.

Blade Bound is an Artifex Mundi-developed online action role-playing game with both PVE and PVP modes. This is a PC game that was published for free on November 9, 2017. After almost two years, the game was eventually released for iOS and Android. This is excellent news for gamers on mobile devices. Because to its attractive visuals and fascinating gameplay, this game has attracted a great number of players, with over 1 million installations on Google Play.

Blade Bound MOD APK
Blade Bound MOD APK

Information About Blade Bound APK MOD

Game NameBlade Bound APK
Version v2.23.0
Size MB
1 GB
Developed By

Artifex Mundi

4.4 +
Downloads1 Million+
Root Required?No
Features MODUnlimited Money, Diamonds Unlimited Resources,  MOD Unlocked, Premium FREE


Overview of Blade Bound APK

Blade Bound is an engrossing action role-playing game featuring a wide cast of characters and well-designed animals. The narrative of Blade Bound revolves on Betrayer’s armies invading the Shattered Lands. Many heroes and warriors have given their lives in combat to drive Betrayer’s army out of the Shattered Lands, but they have all failed. As a consequence, the inhabitants of the Shattered Lands’ lives have become more perplexing and chaotic, with danger lurking around every turn.

Let’s play and explore the Blade Bound game now that you know how to play and combat Betrayer and his army! A wonderful product, as well as an exciting role-playing game that you may not be aware of, has been released. Today I’ll tell you about it. The idea for Blade Bound was born. Blade Bound is a role-playing game in which players participate in medieval conflicts. Here were born ancient heroes of unflinching courage and heroism. By battling hard against the evil forces, you may defeat the creatures that protect mankind. Return the regions to humans that the wicked army has seized. Blade Bound is a game in which you must fight to preserve mankind in epic conflicts.

Blade Bound is set in a world where righteousness and evil coexist. You’ll be the renowned hero of the righteous side, and your mission will be to face and destroy the whole evil world. Rediscover what makes mankind special, and help humanity overcome hardship once again. You may experience what it’s like to be a hero at the height of power in Blade Bound. The heroes, including yourself, are in charge of slaying all of the ferocious creatures and defending the survivors. Blade Bound fights aggressively for what you care about. Reclaim your freedom and tranquility.


Features of Blade Bound Legendary Hack APK MOD

Blade Bound MOD 3D graphics

Blade Bound is one of the top mobile games in terms of graphical quality, with outstanding 3D images. Starting with the character’s look, the effects of the skill on the setting are meticulously developed. You’ll battle your way through a variety of environments, including ghost woods, abandoned mines, cold tunnels, and abandoned monuments.

Event and Element

Raw weapons are inadequate to resist the unfathomable strength of the powers of evil. To get stronger, you must become an Element Warrior. Mastering the element of fire will help you defeat your enemies and banish the darkness. Additionally, the element of water will assist you in defeating the fire-type monster. You’ll also have to deal with some more natural issues.

When the components are connected to the object, it becomes more powerful. Because this is an online game, Artifex Mundi has included weekly and monthly events to make obtaining decent gear simpler. Join, battle, and earn a variety of tempting prizes. Blade Bound also allows you to compete in the arena against other players to determine who is the strongest warrior. Fight with your friends for fantastic prizes.

From the start, there has been a battle.

The game begins with a short film that explains what’s going on and what we’re up against. The video is dazzling, bright, and lively, and it is well-deserving of a standing ovation. It was designed to be on par with the latest console graphics and PC games. Furthermore, it has no effect on the game’s world, story background, or reasons for the battle. When did it, however, come to a stop in its incisions?

Following the fair-haired elf youngster brandishing a big two-handed sword, we begin. In the presence of a colorfully depicted beginning location’s entourage, he rushes to chop down opponents. The controls are simple and consist of a standard joystick and buttons. Some combo strikes and ults are accessible right away. The early enemy mobs aren’t very difficult. They allow you to explore and experiment with a variety of approaches.

Take Charge Of The Environment

Choose a symbol that represents you. Master the natural powers of fire, water, and other elements. To gain unique, deadly talents, learn to utilize hundreds of different weapons, armors, and artifacts. When you combine them, you’ll have some fantastic stuff.

Adventure at its most extreme

Immerse yourself in a narrative that will take you hundreds of hours to complete. To become a true war god, join forces with your Sentinel. To see how far you can go, try various degrees of difficulty. Make use of controls that are designed particularly for mobile devices. Play old-school isometric games. This Action RPG will appeal to fans of intense MMORPGs and Hack & Slash.

A Mobile Combat System

Blade Bound was designed with mobile devices in mind, taking into account all platform capabilities. An forceful console-style “button push” is clearly unneeded. The emphasis here is on a variety of strategies as well as the gradual growth of administrative talents toward automatism. There are countless combinations of various assaults, defenses, rolls, and strikes in the area. In no way are these “blanks.” You may think up new combinations, memorize them, and utilize them later. Furthermore, diverse opponents need different strategies; defeating everyone with a single universal “invincible” tactic would fail.

Make your own apparatus.

Weapons, armors, artifacts, and a variety of other goods discovered on the battlefields may be added to your inventory. To upgrade your equipment, combine it with the hearthstone and a variety of magical ingredients. Collect strong amulets such as magical amulets, scrolls, and other amulets. Make something incredible, like The Sword of Eternal Flames or The Necklace of Eternity.

Challenges and Events

To improve your experience and win unique prizes, participate in Daily and Weekly Events, as well as Challenges. You may hone your combat abilities by defeating waves of wicked hordes on Monster Hunt.

Equipment and Supplies

One of the most crucial components of any RPG is equipping your warrior. Searching for a “Sword of Dawn” or the Phantom Ring of Necromancy might take hundreds of hours. Remove things and pieces from the game and place them in your inventory. Blade Bound also enables you to not only utilize goods and weapons, but also to change and mix them.



Best Mobile RPG – Digital Dragons Awards 2018  :
3D console-like graphics and old-school feeling of classic isometric RPG games!
Spectacular special effects and smooth gameplay.
Find out that a mobile RPG in epic AAA quality is possible.

Blade bound support languages: English, Russian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Polish, Japanese and Turkish.

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💥 Bladebound requires Android 4.4 or higher and the minimum of 2GB RAM. Internet connection is necessary. The game also requires about 0.9GB of free disk space. 💥


What's new

We are introducing Gear and Perk balance changes. Numerous buffs among Legendary Gear will now let you create more potent character builds in Elements which were rarely used, such as Nature. Moreover, a few Perks have their attribute values and impact on Hero Power slightly adjusted.