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Blade of God is an indie hardcore 3D action mobile game.
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PG Soul Games
March 22, 2021
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Information About Blade of God APK MOD 2022

Blade of God APK MOD 2022 : Vargr Souls APK MOD  is a fantasy action role-playing game based on Scandinavian legend. The game will revolve on Chaos, a mysterious man caught in the midst of a battle between powerful gods. To rescue his family, he’ll have to defeat a great number of opponents, which he’ll be able to do owing to their specific abilities. The hero can manipulate demons and call the spirits of defeated adversaries to his assistance in addition to wielding the master sword. All of these characteristics will help him carry out his plan.

If you like JRPGs, you’re probably acquainted with Square Enix’s well-known Final Fantasy series. However, you’re seeking for something fresh, and these games’ Anime aesthetics and story-telling frameworks have been more popular in recent years. Blade of God APK MOD 2022 is the title you’re searching for. This is a European-style JRPG with fanciful themes and Greek mythology-based storylines. On the other side, the game’s advancement route focuses on boosting the characters’ power and exploring levels. Is it true that Blade of God APK MOD  is quite similar to God of War, as some critics claim? Let’s have a look at these traits and see what we can come up with for ourselves.



Game NameBlade of God APK
Version v6.1.0
Size MB70 MB
Developed By

PG Soul Games

5.1 +
Downloads1.2 Million+
Root Required?No
Features MOD Unlimited Money,  Unlimited Resources,  MOD Unlocked, God Mode, Premium FREE

Overview of Blade of God APK MOD 2022

Blade of God APK MOD is a cult favorite indie hardcore 3D action and adventure game. The storyline is great and engrossing. It has a Quick Time Event-based warfare system. The fundamental gameplay includes perfect dodging, throwing, mountain monsters, transformation and evolution, spirit summoning, and executing combos. Battle your opponents and mix mild and heavy assaults to destroy them. Blade of God is an action-adventure mobile game with a hardcore 3D concept. BOG’s fighting system includes QTE (Quick Time Event), faultless dodge, throwing, mounting monsters, transformation, spirit summoning, and combos combining light and heavy strikes.

The God of War epic is the inspiration for Blade of God APK MOD 2022, a three-dimensional action game. You’ll have to overcome a mystery character with a scythe this time. Your goal is to advance by trapping the monsters and killing them in the most cruel manner possible. The control of the god’s sword is common in the genre. On the left side of the screen, there is a moving control stick as well as a button to start the finisher.

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Features of Blade of God MOD APK Unlimited Money

Dark and epic action game

The control scheme in BLADE OF GOD is straightforward and easy to use. To execute combat operations, move, and build damaging combos against adversaries, players will utilize the well constructed virtual keys in the bottom two corners of the screen. Despite the fact that the task system is incredibly specific, this is not essential given the scenarios available for players to perform and probe the narrative. The player may travel the world with just a sword and fight the creatures that appear at random. To level up quicker, have more valuable goods to grow characters with, and access new places, players should do the prescribed tasks.

In addition, the game often conducts boss hunting events for players to show off their combat ability after a long period of preparation. It also allows you to acquire rare and expensive things. It’s impossible to dismiss it.

Plot Suspenseful

Blade of God: Vargr Souls is a tough MMORPG with a compelling storyline. Its fighting system combines all of the features that make an MMORPG game great, such as QTEs (Quick Time Events), faultless dodge, throwing, mounting monsters, spirit summoning, and combos combining light and heavy strikes, all of which will never tire you out and keep you interested in gaming.

It is based on Norse mythology. As a consequence, the vistas and settings are all inspired by Norse mythology. The storyline of the game is simple. To save his family, the game character is possessed by a mysterious bloodline and must choose between crimes and punishment, survival and destruction, carnage and redemption.

Characters’ System

Aside from the option to customize one’s appearance, BLADE OF GOD’s character is based on a class system that contains three primary classes: Warrior, Wizard, and Summoner. Characters of each class will go through a unique growth process, as well as possess a variety of fighting skills and special abilities. Warriors have powerful, flexible combat skills and can eliminate a large number of opponents fast. Meanwhile, magicians can recover blood and Mana, as well as cast spells on their opponents to make them suffer and perish. Summoner is fairly steady, particularly when characters of this class have a fast attack speed and the protection ability is well-designed, reducing damage by a large amount. Character suggestions are not something I provide. Think about how you’d want to develop your character and what kind of play would be ideal for you.

The character is also built at the system and attribute levels, in addition to class design. As he battles and completes objectives, the player accumulates experience points, enabling him to level up and access new places and features, as well as evolve as a character. After that, you may use external items like armor or weapons, gain new abilities, and upgrade them to improve attributes like attack, defense, criticality, and speed. This is an inevitable process; despite the fact that the scripts have been produced ahead of time, the customization of the player is the most crucial component. Your character must be strong and talented in order to overcome dangerous Dungeons or win battles against fearsome monsters.

Combat Signals and Techniques

It is necessary to have a Blade of God APK MOD 2022. Apk with three primary activity zones and a categorization system. This is a necessary modification. Characters from various classes will be able to influence the evolution of your abilities, such as combat skills and special powers.

Adaptability and toughness
Only a few of the various characters include warriors, magicians, and conjurers. Warriors in Blade of God APK MOD 2022  provide strength and flexibility. As a consequence, the protagonists are able to beat a variety of swift adversaries. Due to the magical effect on the heart and the recovery of the opponents

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What's new

【Monster Creator-Free DLC release】
Different classes & mutual restraints. Each monster also has its own ability.
【Final Chapter:“ Lord of Helheim” has opened】
The gate of Helheim opens, and the final battle starts!
Different endings according to your choice between Esther and Heim.
【New Game Plus mode is open】
After you pass the final Chapter on Normal or Hard Difficulty, you can go to the capital and find Gevjon, and enter to the New Game Plus (NG+).