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Bus Simulator Indonesia (aka BUSSID) will let you experience what it likes being a bus driver in Indonesia in a fun and authentic way. BUSSID might not be the first one, but it’s probably one of the only bus simulator games with the most features and the most authentic Indonesian environment.
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June 22, 2021
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Indonesia Bus Simulator APK MOD – Indonesia comes to mind when we think of a cultural nation or a country with old buildings. If you ever visit this nation, make a point of seeing all of the well-known and attractive locations. However, if you are short on time and are unable to visit this lovely nation, you may still live out your fantasy by playing the Bus Simulator Indonesia game. If you like driving, this game will be more enjoyable for you,

and if you do not drive a bus, you can still get a taste of the lifestyle by working as a real bus driver. This is a role-playing simulation game in which you play a bus driver who travels between cities and rural areas.

Playing this game will allow you to experience what it’s like to be a bus driver in Indonesia in a fun and genuine manner. Bus Simulator Indonesia aka BUSSID isn’t the first bus simulator game, but it’s definitely one of the only ones with a lot of fascinating features and a realistic representation of the Indonesian surroundings. Simply choose your preferred bus and immerse yourself in the realistic and exciting gameplay of Bus Simulator Indonesia, where you will work as a full-time bus driver in the lovely nation of Indonesia.

While driving a bus, you may experience the breathtaking and famous scenery of the nation thanks to the in-depth and elegant gameplay.


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About Information Bus Simulator Indonesia APK MOD

App NameBus Simulator Indonesia APK MOD
Latest Versionv3.6.1
Size289 MB
Developed ByMaleo
Worldwide Downloads50 Million+
Root Required?No
Requirement4.4 +
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping, Unlimited Money ,MOD Unlocked


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What is Bus Simulator Indonesia APK ?

Indonesian Bus Simulator
Providing the greatest bus driving simulation for anybody who wishes to visit Indonesia while not in the country and live a different life as a bus driver in this beautiful nation. Drive your bus and pick up and drop off people at various stops. The game is more enjoyable when the roads are realistic and correct. Simultaneously, you may experience thrilling journeys by driving a range of vehicles.

You’ll be employed as a full-time bus driver. Android players, on the other hand, will find themselves working and playing by completing a number of in-game tasks. The first issue arises when you must adhere to the country’s present norms and regulations. You may work, play, and enjoy as a full-time bus driver in this great game by traveling across various parts of the nation. In this excellent bus simulation, you can experience true Indonesia.

Because it is classified as a driving simulator, Bus Simulator Indonesia provides you with comfortable gameplay. You’ll get a taste of what it’s like to drive a bus, particularly in Indonesia. Passengers may travel all over the nation, go anywhere, and experience any location. Getting 1.2 million+ favorable ratings is not easy, even if this game isn’t the finest in terms of driving realism.

This demonstrates that the game has excellent functionality and a fun user interface. With a rating of 4.5/5 stars, the game now boasts a community of over 50 million players and is on the list of the most pleasant games.

Features of Indonesian Bus Simulator

1) Extensive simulation

You must follow all traffic laws if you do not want to get fined. You may believe that you are free to do anything you want in the game and that no one can stop you. Well, in this game, it’s impossible; otherwise, the cops will apprehend you and levy a hefty fine or suspend your driver’s license. You must obey all traffic regulations, including stopping your automobile when the light becomes red, starting your bus when the light turns yellow, and driving your bus when the light turns green.

Furthermore, when it is dark, switch on the headlights, turn on the indicator when changing directions, honk to warn, stay in the correct lane, and do not overtake or drive in the other direction.

2) Gameplay that is realistic

The buses’ interiors are quite realistic. If you’ve ever driven a real automobile, this game will be a lot simpler for you. The interior controls, seats, steering wheel, brake, turn signal light, gear lever, rearview mirror, and all other features are all made to seem like they belong in a genuine automobile. If you have never driven a real automobile, let me inform you that you will need to twist the steering wheel to control the direction of travel, and you will need to swipe the gear lever or push to switch on the turn signal to boost traction while traveling uphill.

3) Weather that can be customized

Indonesian Bus Simulator
Have you ever imagined a game where the seasons and weather conditions were meticulously crafted? This is also available in Bus Simulator Indonesia. While playing the game, the weather will constantly change, and you will face rain, wind, sun, snow, and the whole day and night cycle. Furthermore, if you don’t like a specific kind of weather, you may change it to your liking! That’s incredible!

4) Sound and graphics

Many games on the market are created on a high-resolution 3D graphics platform and include powerful post-production image processing technologies such as simulation technology or physical collision management. It’s generally a lot of info. As a result, in order to have a truly seamless experience, your device must have excellent specs and enough storage space in order to be installed and run without any hiccups or lags. However, you won’t have to be concerned about this issue since the game’s visuals are bright and crisp even after being compressed to the highest degree possible, ensuring that you get the finest gaming experience possible. The advantage of this game is that even older smartphone users may play it without stuttering.

You may freely customize your rides.

Beautiful maps with realistic materials and patterns

Honks that are cool, fascinating, and iconic

Connect to your Google Play Services account to unlock content.

Create and create your own 3D automobile model.

Various Unique Buses

Cities and locations in Indonesia that are really authentic
While driving Leaderboard, there will be no obtrusive advertisements.
Data stored on the internet
Using a car mod system, you may use your own 3D model.
Multiplayer online convoy

MOD Specifications

Free Shopping with No Limits

Genuine Indonesian buses with authentic and beautiful designs
In addition, while immersed in the great bus simulation action, players in Bus Simulator Indonesia will have access to real-life Indonesian buses, each with its own unique and interesting design. Riding in awe-inspiring autos with genuine designs and setups is an unforgettable experience. Learn about the job of a bus driver from a variety of views as you board these one-of-a-kind journeys.

Players’ Opinions on Bus Simulator Indonesia (APK)

Please continue to repair the traffic light system as normal in light of the newest changes. This is because the yellow light is turned on between the red and green light switches. As previously, this does not represent the current state of the traffic signal system. Please include Banda Aceh and Medan in Sumatra, as well as Bandung, Malang, and Jember in Java, in future updates. This will add to the Trans Sumatra-Java Road network, which is often used by several Indonesian bus companies (PO).

PUTATAS – A fantastic bus simulator! The attention to detail was incredible, the AI traffic isn’t too irritating, and the map is beautiful and true to its surroundings! The only issue I have is that there aren’t enough buses, and the vehicle itself looks like cardboard. The chassis might be given a gloss or metallic finish. Furthermore, the steering wheel control might be more fluid. Also, the bus might include an internal illumination function.

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– “Om Telolet Om!”


What's new

- fix traffic lamp glitch on PowerVR gpu
- various bug fixes

- new city and surabaya updated
- trailer supports in vehicle mod
- graphical improvements & optimization:
-- realtime reflections
-- road wear
-- improved lighting & shader