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Real racing experience waits for you in Drag Battle: Car Race Game 4 Real Racers. It is a high quality racing game that stands out among other race games with great graphics and gameplay. Not only one can drive in ‘inside view’ manner, but also enjoy creativity like building new parts from your own drafts, applying them on the cars and win the RACE .
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Ice Storm
December 11, 2021
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Drag Battle APK MOD Drag Battle Racing is a game that simulates drag racing. It entails the player taking the wheel of a sports car and exhibiting his full potential in a straight-line race. You’ll need time to swap gears and hammer the throttle pedal to the floor to win here, as in all previous renditions of this style. Aside from driving through the city’s various picturesque pathways, the user can anticipate a wide range of autos, style and tuning, high-quality graphics, and the ability to climb behind the wheel and drive the first person the distance.

Drag Battle: Car Race Game 4 Real Racers will immerse you in the world of racing. It’s a high-quality racing game with great graphics and action that stands out from the crowd. You may not only drive in ‘inside view’ mode, but you can also use your imagination by inventing new components from scratch, putting them to the vehicles, and winning the RACE.


Information of Drag Battle APK MOD

Game NameDrag Battle APK
Size MB169 MB
Developed ByIce Storm
6.0 +
Downloads1.3 Million+
Root Required?No
Features MOD Shopping Free , No Ads,  All Unlocked, Premium

Overview of the Game

Many individuals are compelled to go at fast speeds. It may be really hazardous if you do not drive safely. Drag Battle, on the other hand, will let you feel like you’re driving at extreme speeds. Drag Battle is a racing game in which you drive a supercar across several environments. The game’s pace will be decided by the participants. Drag Battle will open your eyes to a whole new world of speed.

A racing game It is always well-received by the community since it encourages fierce competition and enables people to show off their exceptional gaming skills. Because the current generation of games is continually updated, this game genre has been able to thrive and obtain substantial market share in Giang.

One of the most well-known smartphone racing games is Drag Battle. With over 3.5 million downloads, it does not have a firm base and is endorsed by many players.

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Features of Drag Battle APK MOD

Become a Nitro Vehicle Driver

On the street, drive a nitro racing car. Drag Battle takes you back to the glory days of the world’s most famous racing rivalry. The graphic, in particular, outperforms any other product now on the market. Even for automotive design students, she must love the intricacies and efficacy of racing autos. Despite the fact that these automobiles are not realistically designed, controlling them delivers a lot of enjoyment to the user. Because they all carry the direction of today’s most popular sports cars, you can manage the vehicle with its look, which is a blend of elegance, strength, and personality. Users may personalize their experience to their tastes with hundreds of automobiles to choose from.

You may also become a well-known collector if you stick to your guns. The game also contains the right features for you if you don’t want to activate models with features that need to be updated. The vehicles are completely at the hands of the players. You may change the car’s color and, more crucially, its construction. Players may improve the cosmetic and technical elements of their automobiles by adding body kits, wheel rims, body extensions, and other forms of payment, as well as improving the technical aspects of their vehicles.

The Science Of Driving

The bulk of today’s racing games are comparable to Drag Battle. Players will be able to engage in fierce races and show off their skills in front of a huge group of people. As stated in the first paragraph, the attractiveness of this game is that it contains a “4 racers multiplayer” option. Without a question, one of the most popular patterns is this one. A small number of players enters a difficult race staged by the company with three other riders. The more dangerous the tracks are, the more adept the drivers become. Many people praise the feeling of being a top racer, which is unquestionably one of the most rewarding experiences.

Drive Your Automobile Drag Battle

The participants must pick an authentication method when the game starts. The two alternatives are Google Play and Local Game. If you use Google Play, your progress will be stored, and you may play on many devices. After that, the game will instruct you on how to play. Warming up the tires is crucial. Keep the RPMs in the green zone to warm up the tires. The more warm-up time you have, the better your road grip and acceleration will be at the start. Push the GAS PEDAL button on the right to start the warming process. In drag racing, getting off to a good start is half the fight. Starting with the correct RPM will offer you a power and clutch edge. Furthermore, accurate shifting is critical throughout the race. If you shift early or late, you will lose power. If an opponent is passing you, you may use nitrous oxide to momentarily boost the engine. To use, press and hold the left-hand button until the nitro is depleted. You must remember the location and usage of the GAS PEDAL button since it will not be shown while you are fighting. It will be tough if you do not recollect them.

Car Parts to be Won

After you’ve been taught, your character will take part in the conflict that the character’s buddy is holding. If you win the fight, you will be given one of your friend’s automobiles (Cobalt, 240 SX, M3 E30, Celica). A map is included in the game. The race will take place in one of the places shown on the map. You may now compete in vehicle races, earn money, build a reputation, and win car parts. There will be different rewards at each stage. They can help you with car purchases and upgrades. However, you may only choose from three different rewards. To get all of the benefits, you’ll need gold.

You will also be able to learn a new skill when you reach a new level. You can boost your Shifter skill level if you beat level 1, for example. By changing swiftly, players will earn a few hundredths of a second. You’ll need to learn a variety of new talents. Go to the Character menu and pick the PERKS section to view a list of talents. You will be able to get better outcomes if you have good talents.

Model for Car Upgrades That Aren’t Linear

Your automobile must have the most powerful engine to win a number of races. Your opponents will nearly always update their vehicles in order to go faster and win more races. As a consequence, the game includes a non-linear automobile improvement system as well as a vast garage for your convenience. To enhance your automobile, you must collect resources throughout the races. Money isn’t always the most crucial consideration; sometimes you need to win a few races to demonstrate that you are the best. Following the races, you will gain resources such as a vent, toggle switch, throttle, and so on. Hundreds of replacement components are ready for your alterations in Drag Battle. Furthermore, the game will teach you how to utilize them and accelerate your vehicle. Drag Battle gives you the opportunity to master your car.

In addition, the game offers players a choice of 13 other languages. The languages featured include German, English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, and Russian. The criteria will be simpler to understand for players from different nations thanks to the use of many languages. You will be given the option of picking a language to display when you first start the game.

Designing a Car

Styling elements, such as headlights and body kits, enable you to personalize the appearance and feel of your car. There are many different colors and coloring styles to choose from. You may be able to transform your automobile into a true technician. Visual improvements such as body kits, wheel rims, body extensions, and different means of payment, as well as enhancements to vehicle mechanical qualities, are all available.

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Drag Battle Driving Techniques

Improve your driving skills by learning new skills. There are hundreds of additional talents to select from, and you may customize your character as you like. You may discover how actual extreme racers conduct their profession by leveling up and mastering new skills in the racing game. In the career mode, there are 30 monsters to fight, as well as 10 tournaments and championships.


What's new

Engine update
Fixed a bug leading to freezes and crashes in a multiplayer game
The first phase of the New Year event has started