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The house of your dreams is a dream no more!
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December 16, 2021
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Dream House Days APK MOD – Dream House Days is a popular game (MOD Unlocked, infinite money) Sim’s own house, where we need to make room for a variety of little individuals. Build your home, have the rooms fixed, and have the landscape done lawfully for the delivery of rental housing. It might be a couple of lovers, a slew of football players, or even worldwide celebrities that come to see us, so don’t disappoint them and produce on a high level.

Your ideal home is no longer a pipe dream! You take on the responsibilities of both architect and landlord in this inventive new sim, and it’s up to you to furnish your perfect house with anything from arcade games to saunas to convenience shops. Certain combinations may increase the worth of your rooms…as well as the rent they command. Create a game room with an HDTV and a gaming console, or a fine arts room with a grand piano and a painting! You may be able to attract some famous tenants as you ascend the real estate popularity ladder, ranging from hit musicians to sports players!

dream-house-days mod
dream-house-days mod

Information Of Dream House Days APK MOD Unlimited Money

Game NameDream House Days APK MOD
Size MB39 MB
Developed By


4.4 +V
Downloads1.32 Million+
Root Required?No
Features MODUnlimited Money,No Ads, MOD Unlocked, FREE Premium

Overview of Dream House Days MOD

Dream House Days APK MOD Unlocked Mis a famous simulation game created by Kairosoft (Japan) that skillfully blends two genres: building and administration. Do not imagine that only rubber items may be addictive; there are many popular and intelligent thoughts that can surprise your mind at any moment. Dream House Days is the type of day it is. You have the option of playing online or offline, and there is no need to worry about the game ending.

In Dream House Days, there’s a lot to uncover. You’ll be able to enter a contest each year and then get your reward. Tenants may go shopping, dine, date, go to the sauna, and so on in addition to staying at home. Even the married tenants, as well as you, the newborn, will be adored. You have a lot of interesting things ahead of you.
Dream House Days is a nice simulation game with pixel visuals. It would put the gamer in the shoes of an entrepreneurial businessman who would rent out rooms in my house. The player will deal with a variety of tenants during the game, each with their unique set of preferences and inquiries, so you’ll have to work hard to satisfy everyone. A successful transaction will generate substantial profits, which may be utilized to refurbish rooms and their varied furnishings and accessories.

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Features of Dream House Days APK MOD Game

Property for Rent

Running a rental property isn’t simple. If you get beyond the construction stage, you’ll go to the equally demanding Management stage. This is when you demonstrate “managerial capability,” or the ability to adapt and analyze your situation. You’ll need to double-check their personal information, such as their employment, history, education, health, and habits, after you’ve selected a renter.

In some manner, each of these characteristics is linked to affordability and the amount of “rebellion” (because if they have a lot of bad habits and bad hygiene, it means the maintenance of the home will be much more tired in the future) .The game provides you a lot of choices here, and it’s especially generous in that it allows you a variety of attitudes and behaviors based on how you use each of the tenants’ “stats.” If you, for example, look at the renters with half an eye and disparage their work, you will not gain their respect.

Circumstances of Interest

You’ll come across a wide range of fascinating situations. Dream House Days didn’t forget to add a few scenarios that would make your innkeeper’s job even more tough. For example, two people living in a boarding house may fall in love, move in together, marry, and have children. You won’t feel you have any power if everything goes according to plan. Definitely not.

They send their children to school when they have children. You must stand out in order to verify the baby’s location. There are several endless tales of renting to one or two renters, much alone ten or more. How many things do you have to deal with from the sky?The game also gives your customers the option of paying their rent in a number of methods, as well as a variety of situations in which they may bargain with the landlord to get the best deal for everyone.

However, as an innkeeper, your first goal is to produce money so that you can operate a successful company. If you follow emotional choices, you will almost surely lose money and the game.

As a consequence, you’re stuck in a loop of thinking, upgrading, selecting, deciding, and then wondering about the next option. If you have the means, you may expand your property, potentially to more expensive regions with larger spaces, which would, of course, boost the rental price.

Learn how to create a lovely top.

Dream House Days allows you to mix and match various elements to create unique environments. To increase your apartment’s ratings and prices, you must guarantee that a tenant will be able to live comfortably. Set up TVs and gaming consoles for visitors in the room to create a game room, for example. Play your grand piano with art enthusiasts to delight them. If you create more luxury properties, you will attract celebrities. It has the ability to draw musicians as well as sportsmen. You may earn a little increase in money by improving the apartment’s rating.

Maintain vigilance.

Maintain constant vigilance while working. In Dream House Days, players not only construct homes, but also manage all of the island’s jobs. Here, too, you’ll be able to put your brains and flexibility to good use. Consider managerial capacity as you go through the process of reviewing and confirming client information. This includes information on their employment, history, education, health, and basic apartment needs. In terms of selecting how to pay for the home, haggling, and arguing the best approach for both parties, Dream House Days are open-ended. Your main objective as a landlord, though, will be to manage a profitable company. You will surely lose money and become a loser if you make impulsive judgments.

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A one-of-a-kind scoring system has been devised.

The score in this game changes somewhat from that in Dream House Days. The first is that consumers use change to purchase homes, goods, and rent. The research point, which is mostly used for market research and surveys, is the second. Finally, money is used to pay for high-end activities like as scratching and advertising.

Why don’t you attempt it? You’re the one who dares to dream, so why not? You’ll be able to help your apartment develop and expand right immediately if you’re a good landlord. To go closer to achieving your dream of developing and maintaining a wonderful house, download the Dream House Days mod right now.

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Construction of dwellings

Dream House Days, as previously said, enables the user to run a little community. You’ll need to upgrade and replace the buildings on a regular basis to entice people to live here. To earn a profit, your resort will initially have just four rooms, and you will begin by handling the first visitors. Gradually expanding into new areas might help you attract more prospective customers.

As the owner, you must guarantee that any issues are resolved thoroughly. You’ll start by erecting signs, soliciting consumers, promoting, giving out fliers, and doing other activities. These tasks will help you get enough consumers and satisfy their expectations for long-term rentals and stable revenue.



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