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You are Gin, a Kung Fu fighter, and desperately want to leave your gang, but your gang has other ideas. You need to fight for your girlfriend and your life, which could end very soon if you make the wrong move.
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Jiin Feng
November 25, 2019
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Fighting Tiger APK MOD Unlimited Money, Resources – Liberal is a 3D fighting game in which you play as a gang member who must battle his whole group to flee.The gameplay elements of Fighting Tiger – Liberal will remind you of classic PlayStation One games like Fighting Force. Players may freely move across 3D environments while battling a variety of enemies that will attack from all sides.

You can defend yourself in Fighting Tiger – Liberal by using a range of blows, movements, and special attacks. Grabs, strong stabbing attacks, and spinning kicks are just a few examples. Additionally, certain enemies may use weapons that you can take from them, such as baseball bats, sticks, knives, and other such objects. Fighting Tiger – Liberal has a graphic aesthetic that is akin to that of a PlayStation One game. The 3D rendering of characters and settings is good, but the aesthetics might be better. Liberal is a fun and expansive fighting game that will offer you a console-like experience on your Android mobile.

Fighting Tiger APK MOD
Fighting Tiger APK MOD

Information Of Fighting Tiger APK MOD

Game NameFighting Tiger APK MOD
Developed By

Jiin Feng

4.1 +
Downloads656 K+
Root Required?No
Features MOD Unlimited Money, No Ads, Unlimited Resources,  All Unlocked,FREE Premium

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Overview of Fighting Tiger APK MOD

This game is about fighting for your life and love, but if you make a mistake, you will die. So, be careful when playing Fighting Tiger Mod Apk. In our mod version, however, you will have unlimited health and money. You just need to download the APK from Children and teens have long enjoyed fighting games. You must fight your opponent in this game, which is comparable to Takken 5. Make the proper choices to extend your life and become a winner.
You play Gin in this game, and you may use Kungfu, Sanda, Bajiquan, Chinese swords, and special firearms to quickly wipe out your opponents.

There are very few people who have experienced or observed gangster life. Almost everyone, on the other hand, is happy to hear about their life. We watch a range of stuff, including movies and dramas. When we hear the term gangster, we automatically think of a suspense film. The narrative of the game is identical to that of the film. Wherever you go, you’re a Gin. Who is battling for his wife’s and his own lives? You used to be a gang member, but you now wish to live a regular life. It may seem to be simple, but it isn’t. So, what’s stopping you? You want to live a simple life, but your friends don’t agree. As a consequence, you’ve gone against your own faction.

Features of Fighting Tiger APK MOD

Kick Spam Fighting Tiger APK

You have a variety of choices for assaulting your opponents as Gin, but I’ve discovered that the kick, rather than the punch or the grappling/throwing maneuver, produces the greatest outcomes. To quickly fill up your energy meter, just keep pushing the kick button while fighting at close range (the blue meter in between). This allows you to deliver a sequence of roundhouse kicks at your opponents while also causing a few head kicks to follow the punches if you keep pressing on the punch button.

Attack that is unstoppable

Use Your Invincible Attack as often as you like. That’s the issue with the game’s energy meter: it rapidly fills up while you’re battling a huge group of enemies. When the blue bar is full, press the “mad” button above your action buttons, then punch or kick your opponents to unleash a more powerful and invincible onslaught. To get the best results, make sure you fire this attack in such a manner that it strikes many adversaries with the final move.

Attacks from afar

The Best Option Isn’t Always Ranged Attacks. We don’t recommend it beyond Level 1, even if you have a limitless supply of darts (ninja star-like things) to shoot at the foe. It’s tough to shoot at an attacker that is throwing Molotov cocktails and/or grenades at you, so concentrate on melee assaults instead.

Enemies must be eliminated.

Eliminate your opponents one by one. Whether their lives are virtually exhausted or at 100%, the rivals will fight in the same style and with the same strength. So you’d want to eliminate this numerical advantage, but how do you do it? Concentrate your attacks on one adversary at a time, conserving some for the others. Because enemy thugs may quickly form a horde on you, it’s vital that you don’t concentrate all of your attention on one of them. Concentrate on one evil man at a time while keeping an eye on the others.

Combat Tiger Liberal MOD APK is a game about thug life and street fighting. As a one-man army fighting all opponents, you must use utmost caution at all times. Regrettably, your greatest foe today is your own team. If you make a mistake, your wife’s life might be cut short. With the Fighting Tiger Liberal MOD APK, you may unlock weapons and get unlimited health. As a consequence, your travel will be less challenging. You may choose from a range of weapons to arm yourself with. You may also go up against your opponents using a special battle strategy. Prepare to thwart their plans. Each opponent’s health bar is visible throughout fight. You must beat your opponent till they are fatigued in order to defeat them.

Dealing with the Bosses

The Most Effective Way To Deal With Bosses You’ll come across a boss character every now and then who has more health and attacks than other enemies. What you want to do here is make the boss the focal point of your hits. Sure, his minions will make things tough for you; but, returning to the fourth advice, concentrate on the boss first, but don’t forget about his subordinates.

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Properties of Fighting Tiger APK MOD

Some of the properties are as follows:

  • Liberal Kungfu (Chinese boxing, Sanda, Bajiquan, and Chinese sword) and the usage of a pistol are examples of unique combat methods. To knock down opponents with a protean strike. A
  • A delicate and innovative 3D battle control mechanism:
  • Large sceneries and sophisticated 3D characters!
  • Large sceneries and sophisticated 3D characters!
  • Action that is both intense and smooth! Punching, kicking, catching, throwing, and avoiding are some of the techniques used.
  • are all viable strategies for self-defense in a street fight!
  • Combine these fighting skills to create a variety of devastating attacks.


What's new

Shan and her brother join the fight in last level.
Fixed UI residue bug on main menu.