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Game of Warriors (MOD Unlocked , %100 Unlimited Coins) is a tactical strategy game featuring a series of defensive towers set in a fairy land enslaved by terrible powers. Tactical strategy and action are mixed in the gameplay of the wall-to-wall series. You must protect the castle's walls with an incredible variety of defensive structures and forces.
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February 18, 2021
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Information Game of Warriors APK MOD

Game of Warriors APK MOD – Game of Warriors (MOD Unlocked , %100 Unlimited Coins) is a tactical strategy game featuring a series of defensive towers set in a fairy land enslaved by terrible powers. Tactical strategy and action are mixed in the gameplay of the wall-to-wall series. You must protect the castle’s walls with an incredible variety of defensive structures and forces. In terms of visuals, the game Game of Warriors APK MOD is inspired by fantasy tales.

Game of Warriors is an interesting Tower Defense (TD) strategy game. You’ll need to improve your defenses and powerful warriors to survive in this magical region, as well as siege enemy territories to conquer them. The opposing alliance of demonic kingdoms has forced what remains of human civilization to a far-flung corner of the earth, where it is forgotten and poor, striving to live. Our titans will destroy the opposing walls and towers once again when the battle horn sounds. Prepare your horses for battle, hire your warriors, and sharpen your spears.

game NameGame of Warriors APK
Version v1.4.6
Size MB
58 MB
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4.1 +
Downloads1.2 Million+
Root Required?No
Features MOD Unlimited Money, Diamonds, Free Shopping, MOD Unlocked, Unlimited Resources, Premium


Game of Warriors
Game of Warriors

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Introduction to the game

A task is given to a leader to face other kingdoms full of evil foes in a magical world full of fascinating things and animals. The hostile alliance has isolated and forgotten the vestiges of human civilisation, pushing them to the edge of annihilation. The era of darkness, however, will come to an end with the leader’s help, and everything belongs to the good side will be illuminated and restored.

Your primary purpose in “Game of Warriors” is to eliminate each adversary that stands in your path without compassion. The battle horn will sound, and our army will finally crush the enemy’s walls and towers. Our horses are ready to battle, our warriors are ready to fight, the war horn will ring, and our army will finally smash the enemy’s walls and towers. Is it enough to whet your appetite? Let’s go on to the next part to see why this game has garnered such a positive response!

Medieval Times are no longer with us, an era of history defined by various ups and downs. Although civilization and science advanced throughout this time, various problems arose, including diminishing populations, plagues, imperial invasions, and cross-continental warfare. And Game of Warriors, a high-quality offering for gamers, was created using this military backdrop by Play365, a game development company.

Features of Warriors MOD APK

Easy to Play

It’s easy to play this game. War games are famously tough to play because, in order to hit your opponent, you must continually be aware of your surroundings. But that’s not an issue since the Game of Warriors Mod APK gives you basic controls to play the game. Use your powers and army to attack your opponents. It’s quite easy since all of the choices will be presented on the screen for you to touch anytime you want assistance.

Construct your own army.

The Game of Warriors Mod APK’s initial feature enables you to build your own army by picking different choices depending on your preferences. When putting up a team, you may select from a range of heroes and warriors. Each character has their own set of talents and skills, so select carefully, since power is everything in this game. You do not need to spend time training your troops; all you need to do is enhance them. Because you are the main character in this game, you will have total control over your army.

a large number of heroes and troops

This game is popular all around the globe since it offers a diverse cast of characters from which to build your team. It boasts a cast of more than four fearsome characters, each with its own set of magical skills. These warriors will command your whole army. As a consequence, choose your choices carefully since you’ll be up against a lot of strong evil guys in this game. Keep improving your soldiers since there are a lot of them in this game that may help you protect your town.

Game of Warriors APK MOD Defense

Defense is as important in combat. Check to see whether your active force is enough. Always prioritize the interests of your kingdom. Any opponent that gets too near to your base will be instantly annihilated. Isolate them and be prepared to intervene at any time. Avoid falling into the enemy’s trap. Defend yourself against tens of thousands of enemies in this action-packed game. Both strength and skill are required in a fight. It has a big influence on how you finish goals and fight. You must pay special attention to powerful opponents. If you hit them hard enough, they won’t be able to retaliate.

One Hundred Territories

There are over 100 territories in the world. This is intriguing since it includes a vast map with more than 100 regions to conquer. Face your enemies one by one, stealing everything they have from their homeland. Collect cash and other valuable items from your opponents to grow your territory. It has a variety of opponents for you to face off against, so you can be sure that this game will keep you entertained while passing the time. You may play anytime you want since there is no time restriction.

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Defeat the opponent

Your aim will be to defeat all enemies with the help of your colleagues. Please don’t let them destabilize your kingdom. In the Game of Warriors, you will be able to battle fiercely. Use all of your might to halt and vanquish a series of enemies. Begin with a bang with some spectacular battle. With our soldiers, we’ll fight back. It’s not a good idea to let your opponent assault you. Surround them and keep them from getting in the way. By battling hard, you may defeat a big number of opponents. Fight with a strong and heroic attitude. No matter how many opponents there are, you will overcome them all.

original APK from Google play HERE

Characteristics of the MOD Game of Warriors APK

  • Tower Defense (TD) and Strategy are the game styles.
  • +1500 defensive wave waves
  • There are four different heroes to choose from.
  • Increase the number of troops by 30.
  • Increase the value of your structures by 1000 points.
  • There are four different races to finish (Goblins, Skeletons, Worgens, and Orcs).
  • You’ll need 15 passive and 3 active skills for your general.