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Dive into cyber space to develop and secure your own virtual 3D network and hack various targets around the world.
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Trickster Arts
September 14, 2021
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4.4 and up
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Information Of Hackers APK MOD 

Hackers APK MOD App Hackers is a mobile multiplayer strategy game in which players build 3D networks and hack other players’ networks using a future UI in order to increase their reputation and become the world’s best hacker.

Hackers APK MOD 2022
Hackers APK MOD 2022


App NameHackers APK MOD
v Version1.22
Size MB71 MB
Developed ByTrickster Arts
Requirement4.4 and up
Downloads5 Million+
Root Required?No
Features MOD Unlimited Money, Credits, MOD Unlocked, Everything Unlocked

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How to Install and Play Hackers APK MOD

To combat hackers, the hackers allow you to enter the domain of the black cyber person. During this game, you must develop a strong security system, therefore look for a variety of hackers. If you like military strategy games, download Rise of Kingdoms Hackers APK MOD right now.

By hacking valuable hackers, you may get a reputation as a hacker. Aside from fame, more hacking attacks may benefit your system. Furthermore, the money you received from hackers might be utilized to improve your tools. Throughout this period
The hacking mod is light-weight, ensuring that your automaton phones work properly. Furthermore, the automaton mods and hacks game is technologically integrated, and the participants have the sport’s technology-based qualities.

Working inside the game is really sound, since they play as hackers in order to get long-term experience.
You’ll become a hacking beast if you upgrade your system. Alternative hackers’ information, on the other hand, may be hacked using AI. It’s incredibly easy to add a variety of programs to your system. On your watch, certain apps may be created at different times. Your B-coin maker will also be used to combine and clean your coins. At the heart of every node lies the greatest component for fighting hackers.

The most frequent items on your system are the core, compiler, B-Coin mixer, B-Coin mine, and server farm. Hacking requires the use of these tools. The information, however, is also a component of the hacking system. It contains information on the checking account, and you will strengthen the whole information system. Furthermore, the enormous coin hack apk mine is a required component since it aids in bitcoin mining.


Hackers APK MOD Overview

Learn the most current advances in Hacker hacks and other applications to become the top in the industry. The user interface and playability of the Hackers APK MOD are excellent. You’ll feel as though you’re in the real 3D hacker world. You may be able to rescue the world before the First World Cyber War starts if disagreements occur. Rather than allowing others to build your reputation, you should build your own. You will, however, need an internet connection to play the game since you will be competing against individuals from all over the globe.

As a consequence, you’ll have access to a number of hacker tools that will help you develop and expand your hacking abilities. Build and upgrade the architecture of your network. Use your brains to discover alternate tactics and turns to disrupt your opponents’ systems. If there is a war between countries, you can defend your country.

Features of Hackers APK MOD 2022

Interface to the Internet

This is the new Network for you! This is where you can control your network from the Home Screen. The network name and level are shown in the upper left corner. In the upper right corner, there will be three indication bars: one Gold, one Red, and one Silver. These diagrams depict the available resources. The gold bar, red bar, and silver bar, respectively, symbolize money ($), B-coins, and Credits. Each of these resources serves a specific role inside the network.

In the middle of the screen is the network that has been depicted. There will be four “Node” structures to begin with. Nodes are in charge of a variety of duties, including resource creation, hacking software storage, and network defense against other hackers.
The core node is known as the Core. A small sum of cash and b-coins may be found in the Core. The node in the top right corner is a Server Farm. Server farms bring in money! A node at the bottom is a Program Library. These are the locations where viruses (programs) used to hack other networks are kept. Finally, the little red node in the top left corner represents a network connection. When it comes to hacking, internet connections are the beginning point, and here is where all invasions will begin.

Hackers APK MOD Building Your First Node

It won’t be long until someone goes on the offensive! Constructing a Sentry is the first step in safeguarding the network. Sentries are very important nodes that install a “antivirus” that enables nodes to assault anybody trying to take over the network! Nodes are bought through the “Build” option in the lower right corner of the Home Screen. Tap the symbol to open the menu. The three primary types of nodes that may be found by choosing the appropriate option at the bottom of the menu are business, security, and hacking. At the bottom of each node’s purchase card is a fee for construction. After picking the highlighted Sentry, tap “Buy.” The menu will automatically dismiss, and a new Sentry will be added to the network!

It takes time to build and upgrade nodes. It just takes a minute to assemble the Sentry you just purchased. By spending a particular amount of credits, any network operation may be completed in an instant. To begin immediately creating the Sentry, press it to choose it, then hit the “” button. The indicated quantity of credits will be utilized, and the Sentry will be finished right away.

Protecting Yourself From Hackers

For all hacks, Net Connections is the starting point. Keep a watchful eye on the Sentry as the onslaught starts. Black spheres, or “pulses,” will be sent to the Program Library by the Sentry. Antiviral packets are circulating across the network. Once the antivirus is fully installed, the foundation of the Program Library will become completely black. An antivirus application has now been installed to safeguard it! The Program Library will begin distributing the antiviral after receiving a last, stronger pulse.

Antivirus-equipped nodes will assault any attacker-captured nodes in the vicinity. The antivirus on the Program Library will now seek to recover the Core in order to safeguard the network. Viruses will continue to propagate from secure nodes to unsecured ones. The pulses will now be relocated from the Program Library to the Core. As soon as the Core is regained, it will be guarded and ready to receive the last pulse from the Program Library. After then, it’ll begin firing at the captured Server Farm!

Using a Computer Network to Commit a Cyber-Attack

Like the attacker, the hack must begin with the internet connection at the bottom of the screen. Select these to see what programs are offered. For the time being, Beam Cannons is the only virus available. These algorithms focus their efforts on capturing a single node at a time. Install the Beam Cannon icon on the desired internet connection, then wait for it to target the Program Library.

More programs installed will strengthen the attack, but keep an eye out for the little rectangles surrounding each node’s base. These are Program Slots, which show how many programs may execute on each node. The empty rectangles indicate vacant slots that are awaiting the installation of a program, and they will fill when programs are installed. If a program is installed on a node when all of the program slots are filled, it may overwrite or fail to install a lower-priority application.

Once the Program Library has been gathered, choose it and install your Beam Cannons on it. Programs will target nodes in a certain sequence, with higher priority nodes attacked first. In this circumstance, the Core takes precedence. When the Core database is captured, the Beam Cannons will immediately begin downloading it, and the Server Farm will be targeted.

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Expanding Your Network

To build and update the bulk of nodes, monies are required. It is necessary to build a B-coin Mine because B-coins are needed to buy and update specialist hacking nodes and programs. You can make it look exactly like the Sentry by choosing the “Build” menu button in the bottom right corner, picking the B-coin Mine card, then touching “Buy.”


What's new

* Facebook connect updated to the latest version