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King Arthur fell in battle, a victim of the betrayal of his nephew Mordred. Now, his body lies in a fortress on the sacred Isle of Avalon next to his powerful sword, Excalibur. It is only when Excalibur is raised again that a new king again will be crowned and the kingdom will be unified. The whole empire has been split into cities fighting each other. Many desire the power and magic of Excalibur but there is only room for one in the king's throne...
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King Of Avalon MOD APK Info Game

King of Avalon MOD Unlimited Gold Dragon Warfare is the basis for the video game- You may play this strategy game, which is skill-based ,Your journey of conquest starts when you are handed control of a little kingdom. With the supplies you acquire, you may conquer as the king did and come up with a clever strategy to win battles and take control of the vast country by ascending to the position of emperor.

Instead of seeing fights play out, you are given a condensed summary of what happens in each skirmish. Resource and time management, field maneuver planning, unit composition, and determining how to keep your city secure from attacks are all important components of a good strategy. Look no farther than our comprehensive King of Avalon guide below if you’ve newly arrived in Avalon and are seeking for strategies to recover Excalibur for all that is pure and right!

App NameKing Of Avalon MOD APK
Latest Version14.4.0
Developed ByCentury Games Limited
Requirement5.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads50 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold, MOD Unlocked

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King Of Avalon MOD APK Introduction

Due to the treachery of his cousin Mordred, King Arthur perished in battle. Currently, his corpse lies next to his powerful sword Excalibur in a stronghold on the holy island of Avalon. To enthrone the new ruler and restore the realm, Excalibur must be raised from the dead. The empire is split up into war cities. There is only one seat on the King’s Throne, despite the fact that many people long for Excalibur’s might and magic.

King of Avalon Hack APK’s action is set in a fantastical medieval England, bringing the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table back to life. Build a powerful city, enlarge your army, learn military tactics to take part in combat, raise a mythical dragon, and face foes from the Middle Ages! To withstand all opponent assaults and improve your chances of victory, join a multiplayer alliance! The great kings’ conflict is about to start! Create the all-time mighty empire.

In PvP missions, raise dragons and assemble an army to vanquish Excalibur and ascend to the throne. As you meet allies and foes along the path, you may feel the strength and triumph. Join multiplayer adventures and interact with people from across the globe by chatting, trading, and fighting. King Arthur died, leaving his throne vacant. Become ready for the Middle Ages! The dragon and I have entered the great struggle to rule the land!

King Of Avalon MOD APK
King Of Avalon MOD APK

King of Avalon MOD Unlimited APK Section

Gold for all time

The most valuable resource in King of Avalon Hack APK is gold. The first and most crucial resource you will need to succeed is them. Now, free gold resources may be obtained via the daily prizes. Gold may also be obtained via event payouts. There are additional gold resources available on the market. You must invest real money in the game in order to get virtual gold. In the market, you may spend gold coins to upgrade your heroes and buy things. Use this feature, as well as many others, by downloading the free hack mod. Gold will be added to your account as one of the resources. Although gold is the most valuable kind of money, you need other types as well in the King of Avalon game.

There is no end to food, wood, iron, or silver.

Among the other resources in the game are food, wood, iron, and silver. It is essential that the soldiers start with food. The soldiers need food to live. As a consequence, you will need to produce more food the more soldiers you intend to use in the game. The army must always be nourished since they consume food. By invading nearby settlements, food may be taken or accumulated. Improve your city. To raise the quantity of food produced, increase the number of farms. These techniques are all time-consuming, which is not what you need.

Now, iron is included in addition to food and wood. You can get an infinite supply of iron resources without using the iron mine. Improve your constructions to avoid having to wait for manufacturing to start. There is quick and steady progress. Silver resources are the last. These are the game’s most expensive resources, and the only way to get them is through the Silver Mine. Silver is usually required for upgrades, but it quickly runs out. You must build as many Silver Mines as you can to increase silver output in order to achieve this. No longer are you required to do it.

bolster your defenses King of Avalon MOD Unlimited

A kingdom is nothing without its fortress, thus it is up to you to maintain order in it. As soon as you have enough resources, go back to your stronghold to level it up. You’ll have access to additional amenities and services as your level rises. This is very important towards the beginning of the game.

Of course, the stronghold in King of Avalon cannot continually be improved. At times, it could also need conditions unrelated to resources. You must improve a few structures before you may enhance the stronghold entirely. Upgrading your buildings before you need to enhance the stronghold is the simplest method to do this. By doing this, you’ll save time and avoid rushing to make up for whatever you may have missed.

Keep your heroes’ and dragons’ levels up.

As was already established, gaining Hero EXP is one method to keep your heroes at the peak of their game. Their numbers are improved by this among other things. Additionally, you may increase their combat power by using hero shards and hero skill scrolls. You may get them via quests, events, and monster fights if you don’t summon them using the Summoning Circle. You will also have an edge in combat if you use Hero Shards to increase a hero’s star level. Rarer heroes are harder to start up since you will require more shards of the existing hero.

Enter the field.

You should be sent to a field that you may explore by touching the button in the bottom right corner of your screen. Most significantly, this industry has a wealth of resources. The game’s farms, iron and silver mines, monsters, and other players are where much of the action happens.

If you wish to persuade a rival player to attack your troops, you may camp anyplace close to their city. Simply prepare for a beating because, if you were them, you would attempt to push them out with your strongest men. Considering the abundance of resources you acquire each time you come out here, coming out here more often should enable you to train more soldiers, strengthen your base defenses, and expedite construction. In terms of resources,

Be a part of an Alliance

All players may benefit greatly by joining a clan, guild, or alliance in King of Avalon. For starters, it contains an alliance research component that gives each alliance member a boost depending on the findings of the study. Among other things, it may feature marching speed and army enhancements. Being a member of one has several benefits, one of which is that everyone may aid one another in advancing their training, construction, or upgrading more quickly. In addition, an alliance has a feature called Gift Locker.

Every alliance member has access to the Gift Locker, which offers them different sums of money. You may distribute these gifts to the players present, along with alliance members. An alliance offers a specialty store in addition to a ton of merch that can be obtained by joining.

Take a look at your supplies.

You’ll probably be perplexed as to what each of these objects performs, despite the fact that the game awards you with a range of prizes for completing certain tasks and goals. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to review your inventory.

Check your inventory often to see if there are any usable things. Others are resource packs that you may use to swiftly top out your supplies of food, wood, and iron. Some of these are temporary boosts. They might also be treasure boxes that need key synthesis, apart from that.

If they aren’t any of these, they may be Speedup items. Particularly these items may be used to shorten the time needed for building, upgrading, or training in your city. Remember that you should only use them in the most dire situations. For instance, suppose you’re still improving your wall when a distant enemy force shows up. They arrive in 10 minutes, compared to your wall’s 7-hour completion time. You could choose to employ a Speedup on the enhancement of your wall to repel the onslaught.


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