My Sweet Stalker MOD APK Anime Dating Sim (Unlimited Tickets)


My Sweet Stalker MOD APK Anime Dating Sim - The My Sweet Stalker MOD APK dating simulation game is offered by Genius Studio Japan. In an anonymous online therapy network, you play the part of a male and get to meet, get to know, and follow three attractive Yandere ladies. Your love life is now a total mess.
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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Jun 7, 2021
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My Sweet Stalker MOD APK introduction

My Sweet Stalker MOD APK Anime Dating Sim – The My Sweet Stalker MOD APK dating simulation game is offered by Genius Studio Japan. In an anonymous online therapy network, you play the part of a male and get to meet, get to know, and follow three attractive Yandere ladies. Your love life is now a total mess.

My Sweet Stalker MOD APK Anime Dating Sim
My Sweet Stalker MOD APK Anime Dating Sim

App NameMy Sweet Stalker MOD APK
Latest Version2.1.10
Size128 MB
Developed ByGenius Studio Japan Inc.
5.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads10 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Premium Unlocked, Unlimited Ammo

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My Sweet Stalker APK MOD Information

In the Android romance game My Sweet Stalker, you assume the character of an unidentified male protagonist. With the help of free in-app purchases, the narrative mode may be expanded. Immediately as I navigate through the early introductory screens, I notice various grammatical errors and strange language structures. This happens often in My Sweet Stalker and should never happen in any app, much less one that is meant to convey a narrative. On the next screen, my parents are shown (a good start, I guess). Because the developer has chosen to just avoid using pronouns, several of the lines are rather challenging.

I must have missed the lesson period when pronouns were covered. Names may be compared to their absence, or vice versa. Each character is distinguished by either their position in your life (such as your mother or father) or by a connection to you (your brother or sister).
To fulfill the desires of people without girlfriends, dating simulation games are made. You may also think of it as a game for those who like teasing anime girls in the virtual world. This has led to the creation of several other games in the past, with My Sweet Stalker, created by Genius Studio Japan Inc., being the most recent.


Sweet Stalker MOD APK Overview Game

Wonderful Game

The narrative is just too fantastical for a dating sim game. The main character in My Sweet Stalker and the only other male present is you. You have a special passion for computers and work part-time as an anonymous counselor for an online counseling network while going to school. Each member of this group keeps their anonymity, and their only duty is to support any clients who are having problems in life by listening to them and providing advice.

You once listened to a young woman who confessed to doing something improper and requested your advice. You urge her to give up because what she is doing is wrong. The mysterious girl seemed to have discovered her true identity after chatting with you, however. She also said that she would officially behave as a stalker going ahead.

when you first become aware of how your surroundings are changing. Next, you research the relationships of the females who are closest to you and develop the impression that every call is unsettling. Whether any of the females you know are stalkers, you have no way of knowing who they are, and you have no way of knowing if their friends would fall victim to that odd lady.

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Untrustworthy Girl

A friend from your childhood, Mei, came to mind. Mei is fully aware of your work with anonymity since you two have such a close friendship. Mei, however, had already vowed to God that she would keep it a secret. Could Mei be in danger with that stalker, or does Mei have secrets you don’t know about?

You also remember Shiki, who was quiet and mysterious. You don’t know what she’s thinking. As a member of the school’s computer club, Shiki is aware of your attraction to her. Will the stalker do any damage to Shiki? Should you stay away from Shiki at all costs?

The third lady in the squad is Tatsumi, a gorgeous female detective who also happens to be Shiki’s sister. And you’re asking Tatsumi for help in locating the stalker. Additionally, when you two cooperate, you gradually discover all of one other’s secrets. Tatsumi is admired by strangers. In the end, every girl is connected to the others in some manner and has a secret.

Plot My Sweet Stalker APK MOD

You have a passionate interest in computers. You might benefit from joining an online consultation service. The job is very steady up until a stunning woman walks up and requests your aid. You want to assist so badly, yet doing so will only make things worse. Things were getting out of hand because this girl was quite unhappy. Despite your efforts to stop her, she was able to locate you. What can you tell her face-to-face? Are you able to meet after an unexpected and difficult meeting?


My Sweet Stalker is a really simple gameplay mechanic, yet it is a lot of fun. You could hear the speech that the game’s characters have. After that, you’ll be able to recognize the issue and appreciate its importance. After each long chat, a few alternatives will be given to you. Following that, the material will change depending on your selections. This suggests that you may replay the game to observe different modifications. Because of this, you may enjoy something for a long without becoming tired of it.

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Mei My Sweet Stalker

You have the support of Mei, your vibrant childhood friend, throughout the whole procedure. Mei is the only person who has access to your personal treatment program and has committed to keep it confidential. The scenario, however, changes when Mei is the object of your stalkers’ emotions. Are you capable of defending Mei from harm? Do you think Mei has too much on her plate to handle?


You belong to the computer group and are a calm, emotionally detached person. She joins in an unexpected turn of events after you provide counsel to a girl who is experiencing the same problem. Since she joined, Shiki has been quite welcoming to you, and you like spending time with her. If she becomes the next target of your stalker, she won’t be able to go with you. Do you take the proper precautions to keep her safe, or are you more concerned with your own safety?

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