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Download Obey Me MOD APK %100 Safe - MOD Unlocked Obey Me is a dating sim for ladies since it boasts a cast of gorgeous, affable, cool, dynamic, and other guys in its male harem. Above all, it enhances the player's experience by incorporating anime visual elements to make each character more colorful and engaging. How fantastic the game is also depends on the narrative, which promises players the most dramatic love discoveries.
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NTT Solmare Corp.
Jul 10, 2022
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Obey Me APK MOD Safe Overview Game

Game of Contents

Download Obey Me MOD APK %100 Safe – MOD Unlocked Obey Me is a dating sim for ladies since it boasts a cast of gorgeous, affable, cool, dynamic, and other guys in its male harem. Above all, it enhances the player’s experience by incorporating anime visual elements to make each character more colorful and engaging. How fantastic the game is also depends on the narrative, which promises players the most dramatic love discoveries.

Even though Obey Me! is a game about male dating. However, the system will provide you the choice of choosing your character’s gender. So it is clear that both sexes are capable of caring deeply towards guys. The developer’s consideration for the LGBT community is shown in this stunning way. Be true to who you are, is the recurring theme. Then others will treat you with the respect you deserve. Now join me in playing along as we continue this game.

Obey Me MOD APK Safe
Obey Me MOD APK Safe

App NameObey Me MOD APK
Latest Version5.6.9
Size120 MB
Developed ByNTT Solmare Corp.
4.4 and up
Worldwide Downloads10 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Free Gems

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Obey Me MOD Safe Information 

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Obey Me! (MOD, Freeze Enemy) gives you a romantic date, proving that life is worth living. like playing competitive card games on occasion.
Obey Me! players are drawn into a devilish domain that seems enticing as they play. The game’s characters are well-designed, and you’ll have a significant role in their stories. You will also participate in several incredibly thrilling yet challenging battles throughout the game. So, don’t discount anything that contributes to level win.


Obey Me APK MOD Safe Specifications

Genuine Mini-Games for Entertainment

In addition to allowing players to explore the stories and engage with the numerous characters, Obey Me will feature additional entertaining mini-games to keep them occupied. Due to the diversity of mini-games, they will have more chances to strategically employ the prizes and win over each guy’s heart. The mini-games also have distinct and endearing themes that provide players the most exhilarating and invigorating experience.

Many Special Characters to Defeat

The large variety of characters will fundamentally change the direction of the story, giving players with fresh puzzles or learnings everywhere. Each character’s personality, look, and emotion are carefully and tightly intertwined, making every discussion lively and entertaining. In addition, each character receives a unique treatment depending on the direction, which creates great surprises for gamers looking for true love.

User Interface That Is Innovative and Intuitive

Compared to previous dating simulator games, Obey Me has substantial visual improvements that make it more enjoyable to play. Additionally, it makes it easy for them to manage any papers or advise from any character as well as any feature or tool. The interface’s layout continually has a significant influence while also enabling the player to thoroughly explore the gameplay or story.

Obey Me APK MOD Safe is one of those simulators for potential dates, where the player is immersed in the guys’ adulation and then exploits the essential elements. Additionally, it offers extra comedy and entertainment, broadening the gaming options dependent on how each player learns about their own development.

Maintain the Card War

Along with the gameplay that delves into the bright but equally emotional story, you will have to participate in yet another Dance Battles screen. The winner of this Dance Battle, rather than a battle, will be the team with the most points. Each team will have three competitors. You must take certain measures during gameplay to prevent missing any chances to win and gain an edge over your opponent in the score. Each character has an energy meter at the bottom of their foot, and they will all continually move in order to increase their score and energy bar.

After each character’s energy has been completely charged, you must touch on each one separately to activate their unique abilities. You’ll need to utilize these talents strategically and at the right moments to get through the different levels since they often provide you an edge over other characters.

Read a lot of love tales during your free time.

A hidden gaming element says that a character’s opinion of you depends on how often you engage with them. This procedure is really realistic in Obey Me! because they don’t spend a lot of time with a one individual. That individual will find it difficult to approach you. Actively getting to know and talking to males will help you draw them closer to you. A later stage of the game’s storyline will be affected if you grow to care for any of the game’s seven main characters. You will be able to manage them and treat them like a boyfriend in the future.

Obey Me APK MOD Safe Fantastic Card Battles

In addition to dating and character discussions. Observe Me! There are also some pretty entertaining mini-games for you to play, a school source said, if you start to grow a bit bored with messaging and using your phone. For instance, the Devildom devils are cunningly striving to take your soul. Of course, the Ikemen boys will protect you at all times. However, by playing cards with different powers, you will compel them to engage in combat. Create a powerful squad, win the fight, and collect additional cards. Watching the chibi figures you create with the cards is intriguing.

Create your own happy home.

Make your house joyful by reading engrossing love stories. Relationships may grow over time. Give a long card to your seven boys. Get the professor to kiss you passionately. Create a powerful harem with appealing guys in it. No matter what your gender is, too. They’ll still really care for you. You deserve it, therefore be proactive about talking to, messaging, and loving the males in your heart.

There are elements of the human world mixed in with the demon realm. Observe Me! Make the most positive contributions to your love partnership. a classroom atmosphere with numerous people, many of them with distinctive traits, particularly handsome males. and the effort to gain the affection of seven good-hearted and genuine lads. Join the Battle of the Mind is the best card game. It’s all in Obey Me! All of them are just waiting for you to locate them.

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    1. An internet connection with a download speed of 2 Mbps
    2. A device 2GB RAM

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This app is compatible with:
Android 5.0 or later


What's new

[Upgrade Description for version 5.6.9]
■New features/changes
・Added the ability to skip Skill animations.

・Login Bonus would not display in certain situations
・Using a Secret Story Key would not play the associated story in certain situations