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In 2033, the world saw the outbreak of an unknown infection that left most of the human population dead.
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January 24, 2022
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Prey Day APK MOD Game – Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (MOD, Immortality) is a zombie action game set in a city where an outbreak has swept the city, turning everyone into the walking dead and leaving only a few survivors to fight for survival. On the other side, the protagonist awakens in a hospital surrounded by corpses and blood.

The only option to remain alive is to join together with the other survivors and move into one of the homes while searching for supplies and creating materials.

The survival elements are mixed together with adventure elements, and the game mechanics are a mix of role-playing and tactics. Prey Day APK MOD has a great aesthetic design.



About Information Prey Day APK MOD Game

App NamePrey Day APK MOD
Latest Version14.8.02
Size540 MB
Developed ByAppLife Limited
Requirement4.1  up
Worldwide Downloads27 +K
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited (Money, Immortality, Freezing Bots, MOD Unlocked)

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Overview of Prey Day Mod APK

Players will be immersed in a post-apocalyptic environment set in the not-too-distant future in the game. The year is 2033, and mankind is on the brink of destruction as a result of a mystery disease that has turned the vast majority of our population into mindless monsters.

Gamers will get access to an immersive survival game with a range of intriguing items to uncover as one of the few fortunate survivors. You’ll be thrown into a fully open world with a bunch of online players, and you’ll all be pitted against each other in the ultimate survival battle. Begin by searching the immediate area for information regarding the zombies’ location as well as food and supplies.

Construct your own fortifications to protect yourself against zombie assaults. Try to discover other survivors as you build forces to escape this horror or decide to fight back against the undead. It is entirely up to you to explore the city.

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Features of Prey Day APK MOD Game

Craft System That Is Intriguing

Examine the humorous and fascinating craft method. The game offers an innovative craft system that allows players to turn valuable materials and resources into useful tools and equipment to help them in their survival efforts. Feel free to create your own zombie-fighting weapons, traps to effectively dispatch your foes,

devices to help you in your survival duties, or even fortifications to repel zombie assaults. Examine the unique crafting elements as you grow more engrossed in the game.

Combat Is Addictive

In this engrossing game, you’ll fight the zombies and other survivors. In addition, the game leads players to exciting fights in which they may take part. Draw the zombies into your traps or embrace them and kick their butts with your freshly developed weaponry. Staying behind your defendable fortress might also help you fight back against the enemy. The simple top-down perspective and convenient touch controls allow you to experience the fierce survival conflicts in comfort.

Create a Strong Foundation

Take a look around to see what you may come upon. Because the game does not offer you with weapons or support items to get you ready for battle right away, you should explore the region first. You can travel anywhere you choose, including military locations, hospitals, retail centers, and schools. After each battle, construct your base and locate a safe spot to hide. Look for areas with food, precious resources, weapons, and other objects that will help you survive in this world as you go. On your way to explore, there are a lot of zombies, and they’re especially sensitive to noise.

Food and water in sufficient quantities

Make sure you have enough food and drink. In order to live, you must eat and drink. As a result, make sure you have adequate food and water in your luggage while you’re fighting. On your trip to get food, be careful since there are many zombies in the neighborhood, as well as your rivals who are looking for food and equipment. They’re all set to pummel you in order to get their hands on your food and weapons. Just to be cautious, you should have your colleagues on hand.

Join Hands

Join forces with other survivors as you form your own tribe. For those who are interested, the game also contains exciting Clan gameplay, in which you may build your own Clan or join one that already exists with the help of other survivors. You’ll get access to the fascinating Clan locations, which include a range of new and exciting aspects to explore. Attempt a range of entertaining chores and challenges. Create your own Clan base and experiment with the many defenses you may put in place. Begin your military operations in the streets against zombies and other clans.

Make sure you have a battle weapon.

In a cosmos where strength is king, players must figure out how to grow stronger and stronger. In Prey Day, players have access to a broad variety of weapons. When you first start the game, you will have no weapons with which to fight. Each player will only be in possession of a few hands. If you come across a Zombie at this point, it will almost certainly be killed. I’m simply stating that nothing will come out. Because gamers will be able to progressively immerse themselves into this environment.

The player will get their first set of basic weapons. For instance, the game will give you a pickaxe to use against weak zombies or to mine minerals. More practical equipment, such as rifles, explosives, and cars, would be great later on. You must find these things for yourself. You may purchase it at the shop if you have enough money. Despite the fact that resources are limited in this post-apocalyptic world, several merchants can equip you with all of the world’s most modern weaponry. The lone game is enjoyable, though senseless.

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Explore new territories.

Prey Day: Survival is a free-to-play game in which you are free to roam the city as you like. Places to visit include shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and convenience shops. The game’s world was shattered after the Zombies calamity, therefore the scene seemed ruined, bleak, and ghastly. On the other hand, good images helped to alleviate some of the horrors.

The city is littered with corpses. You can gaze about and avoid zombie ambushes using top-down viewing angles. In a horror game, sound is really important. It contributed to the game’s atmosphere by surprising players on multiple occasions when a zombie appeared out of nowhere.

Automobiles and motorbikes can assist you in reaching your location more quickly. You must, however, proceed with care since the noise enrages the undead. You don’t want a swarm of zombies chasing you down. I vow to the Almighty!

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What's new

– New year event is over, but there's no need to throw away the tree
– Some small but important improvements for a more comfortable game!
– Various bug and error fixes
– New measures against cheating: identified cheaters have been banned