Restaurant Paradise APK MOD (All Unlocked – Unlimited Money)


Food, glorious food! If you're a food connoisseur, then you'll definitely fall in love with our gastronomically-amazing variety of gourmet shops! Create and manage your own restaurant island, sell international cuisines from all over the world, invest in ingredients and unlock fun-loving foodies! Fill up your island with delicious culinary delights like spicy fare or sweet desserts. No matter your food preferences, we have everything for your needs!
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Happy Labs
April 4, 2019
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Restaurant Paradise APK MOD – Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder is an Android gastronomy simulator with colorful visuals and fun gameplay. The user will be in charge of a vast empire of enterprises and restaurants, serving the most scrumptious dishes from all over the globe. You must maintain your facilities up to date by finding new recipes and ingredients on a regular basis to delight gourmets of scrumptious cuisine while also generating a profit. In addition, the player assigns a range of tasks and goals, any of which may result in a significant reward.

Sim Builder: Restaurant Paradise is a culinary simulation game. Those with a love for food or a knack for cooking, particularly those who play with a group of foodies from other nations, will thrive at this game. This is a game where you may have a good time while managing the restaurant you’ve constructed. Players are constantly drawn in by the game’s variety and richness of meals, which are regarded culinary paradise. Happy Labs created the game, which belongs to the Simulation genre. You will be immersed in a world of wonderfully scrumptious and magical food when you visit the restaurant! Let’s have a look at what this tropical haven has to offer!


Information Of Restaurant Paradise APK MOD

Game NameRestaurant Paradise APK MOD 2022
Size MB29 MB
Developed By

Happy Labs

4.1 +
Downloads368.0 K+
Root Required?No
Features MOD Unlimited Money,  No Ads, Unlimited Resources,  MOD Unlocked, FREE Premium


Restaurant Paradise MOD APK
Restaurant Paradise APK MOD

Overview of Restaurant Paradise APK MOD

Android players will be able to completely immerse themselves in scrumptious culinary experiences while simultaneously engaging in the addictive restaurant building game. Have access to your own own island, where you may explore and expand your culinary empire. Create stores that offer a variety of meals and drinks, and accompany the game on culinary adventures as you accomplish a number of hard goals. Create wonderful delicacies in fun mini-games, receive unique rewards, and keep exploring the magnificent island.

Simultaneously, check out island builder’s fantastic gameplay, in which you’ll aim to establish your own food empire with a range of businesses and shops offering a variety of foods and beverages. Manage your island’s businesses and you’ll soon be the island’s top food magnate. Make a variety of investments to help your company grow and your career in the food sector progress. Create your own island with a range of straightforward modifications, earn unique island themes, and share your delightful foody world with friends and other gamers at any time.


Features of Restaurant Paradise APK MOD

Upgrades Come In A Variety Of Forms

To develop your islands, make a range of modifications and investments. The game also offers a variety of various investments and enhancements that may be earned on the islands for those who are interested. This will enable significant improvements in service, food quality, dining experiences, and other areas. To make your shopping experience more pleasurable and fulfilling, feel free to engage in any of these activities. Most importantly, by completing the tasks to the best of your ability, you will be able to reap a slew of fantastic rewards from the game and its customers, including improved services and equipment.

Additional Islands to Explore

Additional islands with more intriguing activities may be discovered. As they immerse themselves in the exhilarating action of Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder, Android players will discover new islands on their sea adventure. Here, you may discover fantastic islands with new dishes to create and new experiences to seek out via interesting in-game activities. It will also enable you to develop beautiful island designs with wonderful seasonal themes.

A Wide Range Of Responsibilities

Assume a wide range of duties and achievements. To add to the attractiveness of Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder for Android, players will be able to engage in a range of activities and milestones, many of which come with wonderful prizes. Completing the food-related tasks while engaging in the unique gameplay is a lot of fun. Unlock excellent prizes and you’ll be able to fully appreciate Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder’s captivating gameplay.

Play with your friends.

Play fun online games with your friends. Android users may now participate in intriguing online experiences while playing addicting online multiplayer games with their friends. Simply connect your social network accounts to the game, and the game will find your friends who are also playing. Play games with your friends, visit their beautiful islands, explore the unique stores, taste delectable cuisines, tip the owners, and have a good time.

Actual Players, compete!

Compete in exciting events against real players. Those who are interested, however, may take part in the captivating gameplay of Restaurant Paradise: Sim Builder with online players from all around the globe. And it’s in the leaderboards that you’ll fight for the ultimate title of world leader by completing incredible experiences. Make the most of your time by having fun with Sim Builder’s interesting gameplay.

Restaurants of Various Types

At your restaurant, several recipes will be employed to create high-quality, visually beautiful food. Seafood, desserts, and even diet foods are among the dishes cooked in a variety of ways. You will be able to experience a range of odd cuisine at this restaurant, all of which are guaranteed to be natural, safe, preservative-free, and nutritionally superior. Because of the importance of client safety, the restaurant is ranked first. Furthermore, the staff will serve you with passion, ensuring that everyone is happy.

Aside from concentrating on how to cook and serve, players must also take into account the restaurant’s decor. Customers’ decisions about whether or not to dine at this restaurant are impacted in part by the business’s design style. As a consequence, you’ll need to buy more furniture, kitchenware, and decorations to finish your dream restaurant. In order to gather tips, you need also invest in items and make visitors pleased depending on how they interact. This is a business secret since it assures customer satisfaction while also enabling the restaurant to generate money.



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