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Run, jump and slash your way through a vast world of platforming challenges and embark on an epic adventure! The #1 mobile adventure game and a 3D platformer, now also available for Android phones and tablets.
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November 2, 2021
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introduction Of Swordigo Unlimited Money MOD 

Swordigo Unlimited Money MOD  v1.4.4  – Touch Foo’s Swordigo is an action-adventure game that has been downloaded over ten million times on Google Play. Swordigo MOD APK is a fantastic game with fantastic features like endless gems. This game features a terrific sound and a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind ambiance. It’ll be a blast for you ,the Swordigo MOD APK is highly popular on the Google Play Store. You’ve arrived to the correct spot if you’re seeking for a means to gain unlimited diamonds in Swordigo MOD APK.

The holy tree’s famous eggs, the Incrediballs, were stolen by robbers in Swordigo. The Incrediballs have spread over the planet, and the holy tree is in bad condition. Collect all of the eggs and Incrediballs in order to resuscitate the holy tree. To help you continue through the stages, complete them, battle robbers, find escaped eggs, and feed them.

When the player joins Swordigo, he or she transforms into a teenage kid in charge of the destiny of mankind. You will accompany the child as he goes to various new locales to fulfill the chores that have been assigned to him, according to the storyline. This is, however, the first time the boy has left his hamlet on a quest to defend mankind from the evil hand. Players and characters will visit a number of locales during the mission, ranging from a lively metropolis to a frigid dungeon, in order to complete it.

Swordigo MOD APK
Swordigo MOD APK
App NameSwordigo MOD APK
Latest Version1.4.4
Size52 MB
Developed ByTouch Foo
Requirement4.1 and up
Worldwide Downloads10 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Unlocked All

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Overview of the Swordigo MOD APK Game

The controls are simple, and the game is easy to understand. Tap the sword button to combat the enemies, and the move buttons to move. You may speed up your run by double-tapping the move buttons. To jump, do the same thing with the jump button. There are two methods for raising your jump height. Holding down the jump button or double-tapping the jump button will allow you to leap higher. With your sword, slay the adversary. The first job will expose you to the magical bolt.

A magic bolt is a blue fireball that you may launch from distance to do damage to your enemies. It’s helpful since it allows you to attack your opponents without having to go near to them, and it keeps you from losing health. You may conjure a magical bolt by touching the magic bolt button. To recover your magical energy, you must gather energy globes.

Use portals to navigate between destinations. Grasswalkers, Bandits, Ice Bats, Blobs, and Bush Beetles are just a few of the enemies you’ll face. Grass walkers are the first adversary you’ll face in this game. As a consequence of their assault, your heart is cut in two.

Features of Swordigo Unlimited Money MOD

Characters may be unlocked and upgraded.

As players traverse Swordigo, they will come across a variety of missions, each of which escalates in complexity in line with the open narrative. They don’t need a lot of your cerebral abilities, but you’ll need to improve your physical strength to defeat them. In such situations, the need to elevate oneself to a breakthrough is crucial if mankind is to be saved.

The easiest approach to enhance your power is to level up. The higher the level, however, the longer it takes to accomplish; also, the meager indices acquired after tryhard are inadequate to help you face strong bosses. The best way to achieve this is to find new weapons and acquire new talents.

During the assignment, the player may explore tunnels or dungeons in search of holy swords with very high stats and interesting looks! The flaming sword featured on the game poster is one of them. You may also enhance your magic to do enormous damage to your opponents or buy more armor to increase your protection.

To defeat your opponents, you must run, leap, slash, and utilize all of your magical talents.

If you’re new to Swordigo and don’t recognize this name, don’t worry. Because this game is definitely worth your time, it includes a straightforward gameplay interface ,You can easily play and accomplish most of the early missions in this game, but you will sometimes get stuck on the most challenging boss levels.

You must first live the life of a warrior over the whole green landscape, including trees, plants, and mountains, in order to begin the game You are the warrior and you must avenge the Guru, who helped you learn magic tricks and how to use magical orbs You must dash through the field, leap off the mountains, and kill all the little animals that come in your way to earn free cash and get the most powerful weapons. Let’s get this celebration underway as soon as possible!

In this gorgeous realm, you’ll face off against over ten fearsome bosses The phrase “magical world” was chosen just because this game will give you with a genuine interface inside the magical spheres. You may gather over three different magical balls and tie them to your sword and magic while playing this game. These orbs include the Fire orb, the Black Powers orb, and the Icy orb. Each of these spheres has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. To re-join your favorite one with all of your belongings.

In addition collecting these orbs and little creatures, you’ll have to defeat all of the game’s difficult monsters. Yes, the game has 10 distinct bosses, each of which demands unique skills to beat. So, in order to easily defeat the monsters in front of you, you’ll have to wander across that wonderful terrain in quest of all those orbs. You may also choose between Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty levels at any time!


Create the most powerful swords possible.

Swords are central to Swordigo, and the primary mission will bring you to the game’s ultimate prize, a sword named The Mageblade. It’s an amazing sword, but it’s also the most hardest to craft. Yes, the whole storyline of the game centers on this sword, and you’ll have to find all of Mageblade’s pieces in order to reassemble it in the game’s closing moments.

Throughout addition to the Mageblade, you’ll encounter a number of basic blades or swords in the game, including Brass Sword, Iron Sword, The Needle, Broad Sword, The Thorn, and Magic Sword. You can find all of these phrases in the game’s extra shops, and you can use their abilities to face the game’s most challenging monsters. In other words, playing Swordigo will never boring you!

Defend yourself against bosses.

We now have the defensive stuff that you’ll appreciate in the game, after the completion of swords, magical abilities, and orbs. These Armors are the protective armor that will protect you from your opponents’ swords and poison stings. Simply simply, if you minimize one heart of damage with the sword, you will only take half as much damage once you put on the Armor.

Additionally, magical orbs may be implanted inside these Armors to bestow abilities. Your health will rise somewhat quicker if you have the Black Magic orb inside your blade than if you don’t. Following that, any of your opponents who come into touch with you will be harmed by Embedding Fire orb with sword.

Health and Soul Shards indefinitely

With the Swordigo apk patched version, you will have endless life and Soul Shards for your game characters, as well as the ability to accomplish game levels rapidly. You may use these great unlocked premium features at any moment to boost your Swordigo game levels. You can also get an infinite amount of diamonds, which you may use to buy other game items.

Graphics in three dimensions

It’s a game in the manner of the PlayStation 1. It doesn’t have the realistic visuals and high-definition graphics that other current games have. Touch Foo, on the other hand, has created a game that is visually stunning and lively. Everyone wants to play it because it captures everyone’s attention as soon as they start playing it.

Locate Distinctive Items

Swordigo’s surroundings are brimming with rare treasures. You’ll have to explore the world if you want to locate uncommon items. Swords and shields that are both powerful and mysterious may be discovered. Explore dungeons to find a treasure that has been hidden for years. The dungeon is a mysterious region in the game where strong spells are concealed, yet they may be found and used against enemies.

There are an endless amount of coins.

The capacity to create an infinite quantity of coins is the next feature given by the modified version of Swordigo, or Swordigo MOD APK. Coins are the primary in-game money in the Swordigo Android game, and you’ll need them to purchase all of your preferred add-ons, such as Swords, Magic Balls and Armors, and Health Potions.

The official version, on the other hand, only gives you a limited quantity of coins, so you won’t be able to purchase all of the upgrades you desire. Don’t worry; just get Swordigo MOD APK! This new version may provide you with an unlimited number of coins at no cost. As a consequence, you may now use these infinite coins to get unfettered access to the legendary in-game weapons’ perks. Stop fighting and get Swordigo MOD APK right now!

Become immortal

You’ll need defensive equipment after becoming the most powerful unit in the whole Swordigo game. I’m not talking about the Armor, since you can get it with the endless money you’ve earned in the game. Even so, bear in mind that you only get three hearts at the start of the game, which is a terrible quantity.

Officially, in order to get XP and increase the number of hearts in your inventory, you must kill as many opponents as possible. Swordigo MOD APK, on the other hand, provides you with unlimited game lives for free. You’re now immortal, and the boss levels give you 10 hearts to spend. Start with the boss levels and tackle them all using legendary items.

Swordigo Unlimited Money Maps unlocked

To begin with, the game’s customized version gives you completely unlocked ranges. If you haven’t played Swordigo before, you should know that it has a wide area and that unlocking a significant number of destinations will need you to work hard in between games. But, happily, the Swordigo MOD APK is available!

Free patches are included with the Swordigo MOD APK, allowing you to explore the whole Swordigo map, including the last destination, where you’ll discover the Mageblade unlocked inside the same region Furthermore, in terms of interface, gameplay would be similar to the official version So don’t spend any more time and go find the Mageblade components right now.

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Original APK From Google Play HERE 

Swordigo  APK MOD Frequently Asked Questions

In Swordigo, how can you defeat the Evernight forest?

Enter the Evernight Forest’s first sector through the portal at The Needle. Turn right to enter the first section of the Evernight Caves. After using Magic Bolt on the switch, enter the cave. Enter the second section of the Evernight Forest, kill the two bugs, and descend.

In Swordigo, where are the power chambers?

This region is located inside the Great Caves. There is a portion of the Great Caves that is separated into three pieces. Normally, when you fall, you receive damage and respawn in the location where you leapt; however, if you fall in this zone, you will just be taken to another area and take damage (albeit only half a heart).

Which blade in Swordigo is the best?

Finally, The Mageblade may be gained by assembling all four of its shards, which can be earned by defeating more difficult monsters. This is the player’s most powerful weapon, and it is essential to destroy Corruptors.


What's new

- Improved compatibility with new Android versions.
- Bug fixes and other improvements.