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Enter this world of epic battles and powerful tanks in real-time action against others. Defeat the enemy combat vehicles and be the last man standing in Battle Royale mode. Tanks a lot! is a fascinatingly deep experience that requires careful strategy in each lightning-fast battle.
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Highcore Labs LLC
April 11, 2022
4.4 and up
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introduction Tanks a Lot APK MOD

Tanks a Lot APK MOD – Tanks A Lot (MOD Unlocked , Unlimited Ammo) is a multiplayer action arcade game in which you will engage in spectacular battles in a variety of locations. The primary objective of the game is to eliminate as many opponents as possible. However, the makers have incorporated an innovative feature that enables you to design your fighting unit from the bottom up, employing a variety of various modules to choose the finest tactics and strategy for the suggested area. The bright hand-drawn visuals in Tanks A Lot Mod APK wonderfully complement the arcade game feed.

Enter a world of epic battles and powerful tanks fighting other players in real-time. Be the last guy remaining in Battle Royale mode by defeating enemy combat vehicles. Thank you a lot! is an engrossingly complex game that demands cautious planning in each lightning-fast combat.
Now is the time to download one of the best tank combat games, create a squad, acquire artillery, and go on an epic war machine conflict. Now is your chance to emerge as a military hero

Tanks a Lot MOD APK
Tanks a Lot MOD APK
Game NameTanks a Lot APK
Version v4.0
Size MB
165 MB
Developed ByHigh core Labs LLC
4.4 and up
Downloads1.5 Million+
Root Required?No
Features MODUnlimited Money, Diamonds, Free Shopping, No Ads, Unlimited Resources,  All Unlocked, God Mode, Premium

Overview  game

Android players will be able to take part in the game’s thrilling top-down tank shooting experience. Here, you may play intense tank warfare with millions of online players from across the globe, as well as your friends, in a number of game types. There are various tanks to pick from, as well as a variety of armaments, endless upgrades, and a profusion of bonuses. Tanks A Lot’s fights are going to be exciting and addicting.

Explore the many single-player missions as well as multiplayer challenges. Build your own own car out of a variety of collectibles, improve the firepower of your weaponry, and more. This game will surprise you with what you’re going to witness.

The trophy is an item that contributes in the unlocking of the modes in Tanks A Lotgame! It gets tiresome if the playing style stays the same. To unlock new bouts, you must first collect the requisite amount of trophies. You should not attack if you are hurt and just have a few health metrics while fighting. Return if you can; your HP will automatically heal after 3 seconds of no harm. When your health bar is full, you may hunt down and kill the appropriate adversary.

You’ll be dubbed a legend in this game if you blow up a lot of tanks. This is also the time when the opponent will be paying more attention to you, so be wary.

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Tanks a Lot APK MOD Features

There are a lot of maps to choose from.

There are a variety of maps to pick from, each with its unique set of characteristics. To add to the enjoyment, Tanks A Lot presents players to a range of exciting maps, each with its own distinct terrains and characteristics. This would allow you to take on a range of exhilarating challenges with your friends, which would be especially useful if you were searching for a tailored match. Due to the enormous variety of map variations, the game will certainly be more engaging.

Challenges in the Game

To earn fantastic prizes, fulfill goals, and complete in-game challenges. For those who are interested, the game contains a variety of chores and challenges in addition to the main action. As a result, you’re free to engage in the fun while also earning wonderful prizes.

Leaderboards are a fun way to compete.

To earn bragging rights, compete on leaderboards or accomplish achievements. In addition, if you want to boast to your friends about your in-game accomplishments, you may compete in the fun leaderboards with friends and online gamers from all over the globe. On the other hand, you may earn unique trophies by achieving the game’s various accomplishments. In any situation, you will get people’s admiration and respect.

The Game’s Massive Arsenal

From the game’s wide arsenal, choose your chosen weapons. Tanks A Lot also enables players to engage in infinite shooting confrontations with a variety of weapons, adding to the intrigue of the game’s warfare. You can get your hands on machine guns, artillery, taser weapons, railguns, napalm, and even plasma cannons, however. Because each weapon has its own unique features and capabilities, you may employ a number of methods against your opponents.

If you’d rather go for broke, grab your short-range yet lethal firearms and utilize your sniping skills to aim at your opponents from a safe distance, or lead them into your landmine and bomb traps. You are free to use any of the several strategies to assist you win the games.


Players will be able to choose the appropriate game modes for each historical period. To prevent boredom, you may change the mutual modes at the same time. You may unleash your style in violent deadly battle if you choose to play in traditional mode. You’ve been given the duty of amassing a big amount of resources in a battle and becoming the strongest opponent – the last man remaining in the arena. In addition to the In-Tank – O – Ball mode, you will face a soccer mode with an awesome tank. You must first download the game on your phone before you can play it. You must first download and install the game, as well as the Bluestack support tools, before you may play on your computer. I hope you have a great time playing the game and have a lot of interesting interactions!

Enhance your self-defense abilities.

Players should equip themselves not only with appropriate tanks, but also with excellent playing skills. You must train on a regular basis to improve your tank control. In addition, players must devise the most plausible fighting strategies in order to defeat opponents more easily. Tanks a Lot not only gives you with a range of strategic choices dependent on your skill level, but it also provides you with a variety of tactical alternatives. Players may also acquire several kinds of artillery to build a powerful army.

Feel the Thrill of the Game

In order to compete together, players are allowed to establish alliances with their friends. Everyone joins forces in Tanks a Lot to construct a fearsome combat organization that annihilates all opponents. You work together to prepare and improve your tanks. Each member of the squad must support each other in fight in order to lead the team to an honorable victory. It would help if you were adaptive, well-coordinated, and had honed the most successful fighting strategies. To achieve the objectives and overcome the difficulties set out by the game, the players must cooperate together.

Tanks a Lot APK MOD Various Game Modes

There are a variety of new game modes to choose from. Players may immerse themselves in a number of engaging game types in Tanks a Lot, guaranteeing that they are never bored. You can play this game in the most attractive and innovative manner possible with three different game modes to select from. The game’s deep and immensely addicting gameplay makes it difficult for players to stop playing. You may also battle on a variety of very realistic terrains. The mix of incredibly high-quality 3D visuals and bright music created a large, enticing playing environment that drew in additional participants. As a consequence, players are more enthusiastic and at ease when playing.

Become the King of Tanks.

Participating in the games that the game hosts might teach you a lot and give you extra experience. Your ability to play rises rapidly from there. Players must grasp the right techniques to prevent needless hassles and damage to their tank. This is also a location where gamers may demonstrate their greatest skills and earn notable victories. Over time, players accumulate a great amount of points and become experienced racers. You must use every resource at your disposal to eliminate all opponents and advance up the accomplishment ladder to higher levels.

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What's new

● We have removed red tickets from the game. As compensation, we have made you a small gift.
● We have added the opportunity to delete the profile. Please be careful with this function. If you press the YES button, your profile will be deleted permanently.
● A big adventure awaits. The next Expedition is coming soon. Get ready to explore the island!