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Download Thunder Assault APK MOD [%100 Unlimited Money, Diamonds MOD Unlocked] - is gorgeous scrolling shooter with a traditional theme
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November 23, 2021
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Information Of  Game Thunder Assault APK MOD 

Thunder Assault APK MOD v1.6.3 Thunder Assault is a gorgeous scrolling shooter with a traditional theme. Players may go into space and fight alien spacecraft in this game, which is similar to many others in the genre. During battles, the player may use his fighter’s weapon systems and, on rare occasions, an energy screen to protect himself from enemy attacks. All players will visit eight distinct locations to put their talents to the test in each of the five realms, battling half a dozen monsters and their minions.

Thunder Assault APK MOD is a typical scrolling shooter set in a beautiful location with great sights. The toy, like the majority of others in the genre, takes players into free space to fight an extraterrestrial invasion of alien vessels. The user will be able to employ his ultra-fast spacecraft’s fearsome onboard weapons, as well as an energy shield capable of shielding the spaceship from many opposing missile strikes, during space warfare. Users will have the option of visiting eight different locations.

thunder assault. MOD APK
thunder assault. MOD APK


game NameThunder Assault APK MOD
Version vv1.6.3
Size MB
29 MB
Developed By

Naxeex Ltd

4.4 and up
Downloads people1 Million+
Features MOD%100 Unlimited Money, Diamonds,  Shopping free , No Ads

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Overview of Thunder Assault APK MOD

Have you ever wished to join the Air Force and save the universe? Raiden Striker: Thunder Assault APK MOD is a space shooter game in the arcade style! Your sky army will confront an overwhelming cosmic invasion in a Galaga game! It’s time to go toe-to-toe with your opponents in air combat and win! You have the key to the world’s future!

Raiden Striker: Thunder Assault MOD APK now enables you to do so! As an alien shooter, go on a galaxy-spanning journey! For your strike, we offer a variety of spacecraft and a wide number of devastating BOSS. Raiden Striker: Thunder Assault is now available for free download! Become a member of our Galaxy’s air force now!

With intuitive control, offline play, and seamless space shooting and assault, Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker is the greatest space sky fighting experience. A variety of space sky battle situations will be available with the next new weapon system and multiplayer mode. Finding a safe way to avoid the enemy’s onslaught is crucial to your success!

following features of Thunder Assault APK MOD:

Learn all you can about your Tank.

This is a fundamental advice that you may put into action even before you enter the combat. When trying to figure out why you recently lost to a less skilled opponent, knowing everything about your tank is critical. This includes everything from its weapons and armor thickness to its speed and crew positions. Make use of the x-ray mode in the Hangar to learn more about your tank and where to take cover from enemy fire. You’ll also discover how effective you are at dealing with hostile fire if you spend some time in there.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Shell

If you spend any amount of time with a tank, you’ll immediately notice that there are many different shell variations, each of which is beneficial in its own way. When it comes to dominating Ground Forces, having the appropriate shell equipped is vital. From single-purpose specialist casings to strong all-around tank destroyers, having the correct shell equipped is critical.
Here are some useful acronyms to keep in mind: The acronyms AP (armor-piercing), HE (high explosive), and BC (bombarding charge) stand for “armor-piercing,” “high explosive,” and “bombarding charge,” respectively (Ballistic Capped). Due to the fact that it provides the finest mix of penetrative and explosive damage, the APHE shell is the most often utilized shell in Thunder Assault APK MOD. While the damage potential of high-explosive rounds may captivate gamers, their inability to penetrate most armor makes them completely ineffective against tanks. Specialty rounds like as APCR and HEAT are worthwhile to experiment with, but they need a high degree of accuracy in order to do significant damage.

Destroy all spaceplanes in the universe.

To avoid being hit by a barrage of missiles, try to destroy all of the space aircraft in front of you as rapidly as possible. To experience a feeling of accomplishment, let your “Raiden aircraft” and Nave Galaxy to fly in the gap between bullets, exactly as they would if they were flying between life and death. It’s easy to learn how to play, but it will take a lot of practice to become a proficient pilot.

Just sit back and enjoy the Galaxy onslaught on your computer! In Thunder Assault APK MOD : Raiden Striker, players will experience an exciting offline space shooter that will appeal to lovers of conventional Raiden, air combat, and science fiction novels! Enhance your aircraft squadron before moving on to the next part of your journey. The crystals you receive from the stages will be of tremendous assistance to you if you use them properly. Create your own Raiden force for the cosmos!

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