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Unkilled APK MOD –A unique first-person shooter game with unusual characteristics that have endeared it to players in unprecedented ways, Unkilled is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It was released by Madfinger Games. The Android and iOS versions of the game were launched on September 3, 2015, despite the fact that it was initially designed for Windows. The game has been downloaded a countless number of times, and it presently has over 30 million active players worldwide.


Unkilled APK MOD Information 

Game NameUnkilled APK MOD
Size MB400 MB
Developed ByMADFINGER Games
Requirement5.0 +
Downloads1.3 Million+
Root Required?No
Features MODMOD Unlocked – Unlimited Ammo, 


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Unkilled APK MOD Overview

The Unkilled will lead you to a guy called Joe, who is a member of the WOLFPACK task force, if the storyline of Dead Trigger implies that you are the fortunate one to survive and fight the zombies. Several hundred zombies have taken to the streets of fictional New York City, where the zombie virus has spread rapidly. The city is overrun with zombies. Zombie evolution has resulted from the widespread and mutant viruses that have transformed them into horrible and vicious beasts.

It is thus Joe’s responsibility to hunt down and eliminate the virus’s source, so preventing it from spreading over the world.

It is New York City, the hub of the horrifying zombie apocalypse, in this multi-award-winning first-person shooter from developer Remedy Entertainment (FPS). Take your pick from one of the five diverse characters and join the elite Wolfpack squad,

which is entrusted with combating the dangerous hazard of walking as well as discovering the location of the secret address that is causing these horrible Pandemic Walks to take place. Spend some time fighting zombies so that you may challenge your friends to a PvP multiplayer combat on the internet. We are thankful you brought a large quantity of drugs!

Unkilled APK MOD Specifications

Exciting gameplay is what you’ll find here.

Gameplay takes place amid the zombie apocalypse in this first-person shooting game. You’ll be tasked with fulfilling more than 300 distinct tasks throughout the game. The game has obstacles that are incredibly dynamic. Certain situations will need you acting alone as the rescuer, but others will necessitate you acting as a seeker and a destroyer at the same time! To get awards, just complete all of your assignments in a professional manner. You may be confident that you will be able to gain unique game components, therefore altering the gaming experience in this way.

In the Unkilled, you’ll have to contend with some terrifying undead. As a consequence, you should constantly ensure that you are armed with the best possible equipment in order to handle any situation effectively. If you have accumulated valuables in your gaming account, you might consider improving your armament in order to obtain an edge over your competitors. The more resources you amass, the more enjoyable your game experience will be.

Solo Combat Missions: There are over 150 missions in this game that you may complete on your own. You’ll have to take on zombies and their bosses in this game. However, you will come up against increasingly formidable opponents such as Butcher, Sheriff, Minesweeper, and Dodger among others.

Weapons in a Variety of Classes: This game has more than 40 weapons in a variety of classes, including M24 Sniper Rifles, LSAT Machine Guns, and SAIGA-12K Shotguns. This game features modification capabilities, which makes it easy to personalize the experience. It gives you the ability to design your own hero depending on your preferences and needs. What’s more, you’ll get access to an extensive collection of skins that you can use to personalize your weaponry and character appearance.

Weapons that have not been killed remain in the weapon system.

Weapon systems are many and diversified, and you may pick from a broad variety of weapons such as rifles, AK-47s, submachine guns, bows, knives, and other similar items to suit your needs. When you are entrusted with rescuing the planet, you will be empowered with cutting-edge technology to accomplish the mission at hand. When you want to clear the terrain or quickly kill the zombies, you may use the rocket to cause the zombies to explode or even pause time for you to manage the situation better.

Visuals are excellent.

From the smallest objects such as trees, electric poles, wooden barrels… to skyscrapers, street cars, and zombies… even the reflection of sunlight is reproduced in a very realistic and clear manner in Unkilled’s 3D visuals, which are of exceptional quality. The game’s fixation with gunfire firearms and zombie cries is further heightened by the use of sound in the game.

Thrilling first-person shooter action at its finest.

• Millions of gamers all around the globe have endorsed the FPS control technology used in our breakthrough MADFINGER games mobile device software. A number of different gamepads are supported.
• The gameplay is simple and straightforward. Our author shooting style enables you to focus on the things that matter to you.
• While maintaining your concentration on your trial aim, take use of the new adrenaline facility on offer. Make an effort to eliminate as many dead domes as possible!

Improve your accuracy by controlling using your intuition.

With the two-thumbs control style becoming more popular, most shooting action games now want players to be as precise as possible. In order to give players with the smoothest control experience possible, UNKILLED will include a new generation of control techniques that will be a perfect combination of automated and manual controls in one package. Players will now be able to take use of auto-fire when an adversary approaches range automatically, as well as the ADS system, which provides absolute precision while striking foes from a great distance. It goes without saying that players may choose between a variety of weaponry, each with its unique control mechanism.

In an Expensive World, Explore and Slaughter Your Prey

The player’s major goal in this game is to murder any and all zombies that come into contact with them. In addition, the game will have additional unique versions that players may use to put their successful ways to the test. If the player becomes weary of battling zombies, the game will provide different game modes to allow them to explore the environment or new abilities, such as exploration and patrolling, to keep them entertained.

There are different rules for each model in the game and players may sometimes uncover mysteries that have been skillfully placed throughout the game. After completing certain tasks and completing certain places on the map, the user will be able to unlock new regions and missions, which will be immediately added to their carnage map.

Choose your preferred specialists from the list below.

When faced with the prospect of becoming heroes or experts in zombie elimination in a post-apocalyptic future, players must choose a choice. As a consequence, UNKILLED will have a large number of character options from which players may pick to play. In accordance with their preferences, players may choose from a range of combat methods, and the game will continuously expand the skill system of each specialization for them to enjoy discovering. I

f you’re looking to play a zombie shooting action game, UNKILLED wants you to be entertained and have the most enjoyable experience possible.

Participate in a variety of activities during cooperative gameplay.

Therefore, it will have new and more thrilling elements, including a cooperative multiplayer mode in which players may enjoy shooting zombies with their friends online. That there is an online option is that it will unlock a ton of extra content, including unique special zombies throughout the campaign, which is really wonderful. Apart from that, the rewards for participating in the online modes are many and varied, giving players with an abundance of opportunity to develop into outstanding zombie slayer.

UNKILLED has virtually all of the fundamental action, brutality, amusement, and thrill that have come to define the zombie shooter genre over the last two decades. As a consequence, the game has gained widespread recognition and popularity on the market today. It is possible to visit the game and feel the most refreshing sensation of blowing a zombie’s head off if gamers like this unique action genre.

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Key Features

  • God MENU MOD
  • Damage multiplier 1000+
  • Excellent mode
  • Maximum gadget
  • Maximum ammo

Unkilled APK MOD Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your favorite way to play Unkilled?

Select the Custom play option from the Duel or Co-op menu to rapidly create a private game. When it opens, type the name of your unique room into the box and then hit the Start button. Your buddy must then input the same room name and confirm it.

What is the maximum number of players that can play Unkilled?

Unkilled, a popular Android game, has been updated to include cooperative multiplayer. You can only create alliances with one other person at this time. Unkilled has new enemies, weapons, and features with this updated edition.

On Unkilled, how can you add friends?

You may add Facebook friends as friends in Unkilled. To get started, make sure you’re signed into your Facebook account (tap on settings and there is a Facebook icon). Then, at the bottom of the screen, click the plus symbol to invite your friends.

Unkilled has how many missions?

Gameplay. Unkilled is a zombie apocalypse-themed first-person shooter available for iOS and Android. The player’s aim is to complete over 300 tasks.



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