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Survive the challenges of the Wild West adventure and become a hero! Build your character, tame your horse and survive in the best online Western RPG.
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Helio Games
March 30, 2022
6.0 and up
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Information of Westland Survival APK MOD

Westland Survival APK MOD – Survival Westland is a survival action game set in the Wild West setting. The player will assume the character of a genuine cowboy and go to different locations. During the game, the player will hunt for wild animals, build their own ranch, seek for valuable artifacts and resources, and interact with the other occupants of these areas.

To get money, gamers might try their hand at becoming a bounty hunter or a trader. The project’s superb gameplay is accompanied with great visuals and an incredible mood, making it one of the most well-known in the genre. The survival game Westland Survival is set in a western town. Players will confront a range of risks that they will appreciate and eagerly anticipate conquering. Simultaneously, there will be a great deal to learn and experience in this game. Furthermore, you will constantly discover new items for your character throughout the game.

Westland Survival MOD APK
Westland Survival MOD APK
Game NameWestland Survival APK
Version v3.0.1
Size MB
81 MB
Developed By

Helio Games

6.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads1 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Free Shopping, Unlimited Resources, MOD Unlocked, Premium FREE

Westland Survival APK Game Introduction

Hundreds of thousands of men travelled to the gold-finding regions of the Klondike and Yukon, as well as the vast plains and deserts of Texas and New Mexico, in quest of opportunities and a chance to change their lives forever.

After your wagon caravan was attacked by bandits in the game, Android players will play as a lone survivor. Only you were able to withstand the enemies’ anger and want for blood. And now you’re alone in the middle of nowhere, with just a few weapons at your disposal. Giving up and preparing to die seemed to be the only reasonable option. You, on the other hand, as a skilled survivor, have determined to resist the enemy and refuse to accept your so-called destiny. Android players will get access to in-depth and exciting gameplay after learning how to live in the wild.

Features of Westland Survival APK MOD

Protect Yourself from Gangsters

Defend yourself against crooks and thugs. You are not alone in the harsh and arid plains of Westland Survival, despite the difficult climate and ferocious wildlife. As a result, you’ll be battling ruthless outlaws and criminals all throughout the Wild West. Face off against opponents and saboteurs from all sides as they attempt to exploit your campsite, steal your riches, and bring your quest to a close. As a consequence, have your rifles and weapons ready to protect your camp as well as go on a nice hunt.

Materials That Are Profitable

Examine your surroundings for potentially profitable resources. The vast landscapes of Westland Survival also contain a plethora of helpful items that you may harvest and utilize in your own survival efforts. However, when you immerse yourself in Westland Survival’s excellent gameplay, you may quickly gain wood logging, mining, and deer hunting. Enjoy the many game styles while gathering essential materials to secure your survival.

Westland Survival APK MOD Fantastic System for Crafting

Enjoy the wonderful crafting system in the game. Furthermore, you’ll find the accessible crafting system straightforward and pleasant to use, as you’ll be able to manufacture a range of useful equipment and items for your crew. Feel free to personalize your gear to assist you in gathering resources, defending yourself from enemies, and fighting back with a selection of weaponry. You may even add traps and customize your structures as your crafting skills develop.

Make Creatures Your Friends

You’ll have company if you make friends with wild animals. While you’ll be remaining in the Wild West and continuously being surrounded by violent enemies, Westland Survival’s amazing gameplay enables players to bond with a variety of wild species. Wild animals may, however, be tamed and kept as pets and friends. You may also raise your horses and have some fantastic mounts.

Adventure in the Real World

More realistic in-game elements to make your experience more believable. In order to make the game as realistic as possible, gamers in Westland Survival will have access to fun and interesting survival games. You’ll notice that your characters get hungry over time, and if you don’t want them to go hungry, you’ll need to feed them. Weaponry and equipment, on the other hand, would deteriorate and need to be maintained over time. Furthermore, the structures will take a certain period of time to finish, so they won’t seem to be constructed out of thin air.

Exciting Adventures

Hundreds of intriguing quests are available to do. Gamers in Westland Survival APK MOD will have access to fantastic in-game activities, including hundreds of fascinating Quests, in addition to the addictive survival gameplay. As you work your way through these various challenges, complete the narratives and have fun with the many in-game chores. Completing the tasks will earn you the promised prizes, as well as the chance of receiving some special ones.

Hidden Treasures

There are several hidden gems that will need some searching. If you’re curious, the vast vistas of the Wild West are full with unanswered mysteries. The gold rush was prompted by multiple treasure places in this region. Digging up and uncovering these spots, however, would require a lot of luck and persistence since they were typically concealed from view. And if you do, be prepared to have life-changing events.

In the Fight Against Dangerous Enemies, Victory

Westland Survival APK MOD features a fairly basic gameplay style that any player will like, and you will be plunged in the world of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. To progress through the game, you must control the character and perform the missions. At the same time, there is a universe full of dangers that you must overcome, and there are several things to uncover in this game. You will be faced against adversaries utilizing melee weapons or firearms in the game’s real-time battle system. If you’re up against a large team, you’ll be able to target each goal individually.


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