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A funny game with huge amount of spectacular battles. You will be the commander who leads legions of tiny armies. Accept the challenges of various levels and don’t forget to get extra rewards from bounty tasks! It’s your army, you in charge.
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Fastone Games HK
February 16, 2022
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Art of War APK MOD – Art of War: Legions (Mod Menu) is a fascinating and dynamic game combining elements of tactical strategy and action arcade game in which you must engage in large conflicts of little armies, requiring your skill and ability to evaluate what is occurring on the combat field. As you continue and level up, additional activities will become available, allowing you to gain unique rewards and bonuses. However, some of the missions are quite challenging. The pleasant impression created by the Art of War Legions mod APK will be reinforced by highly detailed cubic visuals and humorous figurines.

A lighthearted game with a plethora of breathtaking fights. You will lead a tiny army of legions as the commander. Accept a variety of tasks, and don’t forget to fulfill bounty assignments to get even more goodies! It’s your army, and you’re the one in charge.



Information Of Art of War APK MOD 2022

Game NameArt of War APK 2022
Size MB157 MB
Developed ByFastone Games HK
4.4 and up
Downloads1.6 Million+
Root Required?No
Features MOD Unlimited Money, No Ads,  MOD Full Unlocked, FREE Premium

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Overview of the  Art of War APK 2022

Art of War: Legions is a strategically rewarding game with a plethora of thrilling battles. You’ll assume the position of commander, leading legions of little soldiers in battles against the enemy and defending the land. In Art of War: Legions, players may construct their own combat squad by gathering all military units to the battlefield and assigning a hero to lead them in battle.

The Art of War Legions, in particular, have a lot of free time on their hands. The army battles the enemy while you leave the game, earning cash and diamonds for you to gather when you return. Art of War: Legions includes battle, adventure, event, and PVP stages. Accept tasks of varying difficulty, and don’t forget to take advantage of extra missions’ benefits.

Art of War MOD APK Features :

Heroes’ collection

Even though it is a strategic game, if your troops are too weak, you will not be able to win. As a consequence, the heroes’ presence is seen as a complement. They are incredibly strong and have distinct personality traits. You may utilize the icons at the bottom of the screen to recover after each waiting time.

What type of hero do you want to be? The three categories are rare, epic, and legendary. This is the division of power and rarity at the same time that the card is being opened. Legends are the most powerful heroes. They have stronger stats, but you’ll have to spend a lot of cards to obtain them.

What about the electricity issue? The game’s strategies were influenced by the heroes as well as military forces. For example, the Bull Demon King – Minotaur has higher attacking stats and may improve all fighters’ defenses. And Little of Life – Green may help comrades in combat by boosting their health. To maximize your chances of winning, choose a good hero depending on your strategy.


Upgrades for troop and hero units are available. They may, however, be employed in a number of ways depending on the approach. Individual talents, like as defense and attack stats, have their own upgrading interface, allowing heroes to boost their efficacy. You can only improve your military units if you are battle ready. You’ll have to buy the pieces separately and then put them together. If an army is lost in the worst-case scenario, you will be left with nothing and will have to start over from level 1. The Barracks feature, on the other hand, makes it easier to do this. They’ll group all units of the same rank together. Both techniques need the use of coins and gems.

Workplace structure

In Art of War: Legions, there is a bonus quest system. Each level will reward you with cash and jewels if you complete it. They’re used to enroll soldiers in battles or to buy shop cards in the hopes of getting heroes. The system becomes accessible at level 15. At the present, however, there are just two sections: “Snow adventure” and “Desert treasure hunt.” Each one comprises five tasks, which you may accomplish once and then repeat.

Aside from that, you’ll need to complete fights in order to obtain accomplishments in daily tasks. For example, 50 archers must be destroyed, the hero’s talents must be used 10 times, troops must be upgraded, and arena tasks must be completed.

Heroes’ collection

In Art of War: Legions, the number isn’t always a strong prediction of power. That is why, before going to battle, you must conduct a thorough examination of your men. You can’t expect to win every time by marching in with a massive army. You must have a strategy in place. And your heroes play a role in that strategy. In addition to your troops, heroes are available to assist you in battle. They are strong and have special talents. They can, however, only be employed in combat for a short length of time. You must wait for them to recuperate before using them again. They fall into one of three categories, regardless of how strong they are: rare, epic, or legendary. Aside from that, each has its own set of statistics that you must be familiar with in order to properly integrate them into your squad.


Like any other game, Art of War: Legions allows you to improve your soldiers and heroes. On the other side, heroes have their own upgrading system that enables you to improve their stats manually. On the other side, you can only enhance your soldiers when you’re preparing for a battle. In this game, coins and jewels will greatly aid you in improving your heroes and warriors. As a result, in order to get prizes, you must continuously win victories. Then you may either improve your soldiers and heroes or spend your money to purchase more.

Sound and graphics

Despite the game’s impressive 3D visuals, the viewpoint is from above. Similar to how Clash Royale is put out. However, as soon as you begin fighting, your men and opponents engage in combat, leading in some spectacular action scenarios. Each troop is formed with the intention of having fun. Consider them Legos dressed in military uniforms battling it out. For youngsters, this is a fantastic combat and strategic game.

Miniature Battles

Play the teeny-tiny Android fighting game that has been downloaded by millions of people. The days of not having access to Google Play Shop, the massive app shop that we now enjoy, are long gone. We now have the flexibility to seek for whatever game we want and play it all night. Choosing the best game among millions of alternatives, on the other hand, is challenging, and the excitement level skyrockets while hunting for a strategic Android game.

As a result, we recommend that you play Art Of War Legion, a fantastic top-rated strategic Android game. For all of the eager players, we’ve also put in a lot of work to develop this Art Of War Legions guide, which covers all of the game’s statistics as well as some art of war legions tips and methods. So, go through the complete procedure below and be sure to get the Art of War APK MOD version for even more fun!

Daily Bonuses

To acquire a variety of prizes, complete hundreds of challenging tasks. Art Of War is the game for you if you’re seeking for a never-ending Android game with big demanding challenges and lots of resources. As previously said, it is a strategic Android game, but it also includes genres such as Action, Adventure, and Multiplayer Online Games.

The Campaign mode, sometimes known as the Career mode, is the game’s initial feature. Art Of War, like many other strategic Android games, provides hundreds of difficult in-game tasks. You must assemble your army, which includes your heroes and infantry, while completing different tasks. So take on these challenges and defeat all of your foes.

Unlock Amazing Locations

Explore all of the interesting areas to unlock all of the wonderful locations. In addition to the Career gameplay style, Art Of War has covered excellent in-game settings. Fighting and strategy games would be nothing without those wonderful locales. As a consequence, Art Of War Legions incorporates all of the interesting maps into your gameplay experience. You’ll have to protect your flag from all of the imposters, and you’ll have to employ heroes to battle in these locations.

You may also improve your gaming experience simpler by utilizing the Art Of War Legions Hack, which was just developed by our team. You may acquire it by downloading Art Of War Legions APK MOD from the link below and beginning to play like a strategic expert.

VIP features that have been unlocked

VIP membership is considered the Royal section of the gaming bed, and it comes with a boatload of wonderful privileges like free gems and coins, battle time acceleration choices, early access to events, and more.

So, we have the VIP enabled function in Art of War: Legions APK MOD, which you may use for free an unlimited number of times.

Money in the Unlimited Money Mod is endless. The Art of War: Legions APK MOD has a unique feature that enables you to purchase and enhance hero units with infinite funds. We may also get premium items from the game shop without having to pay any money.


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