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February 15, 2022
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Metal Slug Attack APK MOD – METAL SLUG ATTACK (MOD, Infinite AP) is a new game in the popular series, released to mark the 20th anniversary of the brand. The game is set in the strategy genre and offers uninterrupted action. You’re anticipating several fun modes as well as a business visual style. Collect things that may be used to improve your troops throughout the combat.

METAL SLUG is a well-known console action game that many people remember from their youth. You may also play the APK version of the game on Android smartphones. If that isn’t enough, you may also play METAL SLUG ATTACK, a game made by SNK CORPORATION, which has a long history of successful games. It has been downloaded by over 10 million individuals, and the number continues to rise.

metal-slug-attack 2022
metal-slug-attack 2022


Information Of Metal Slug Attack APK 2022

Game NameMetal Slug Attack APK 2022
Size MB89 MB
4.1 and up
Downloads125 K+
Root Required?No
Features MODUnlimited Money,  No Ads,  MOD Unlocked, FREE Premium

Overview of Metal Slug Attack MOD APK 2022

METAL SLUG ATTACK is the serial version of METAL SLUG DEFENSE. With a tactical twist, it’s a tower defense game. You will be assigned the task of gathering army units in order to destroy the enemy’s base. When the combat starts, both you and your opponent will have AP points (currency). They’re used to purchase troop reinforcements, weapons, and tower improvements. Your score will climb quicker as you beat the opponents. On the screen above, you can check the health of the towers as well as an overview map. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll get information about AP and available units. The fight will go on until one of the towers is destroyed.

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Features of Metal Slug Attack MOD APK

Build bases and gather resources.

In most current strategy games, the aspect of base development has become prominent and familiar to everyone. The player will utilize the base as a resupply station, a destination for new missions, and a number of other activities in Metal Slug Attack. In the game, players will be able to investigate additional expansion methods, allowing them to enhance combat troops or recruit new ones. Despite the absence of opposition from other troops, the game enables players to develop their bases in a number of ways while still showcasing tactical elements.

Obtain a Large Number of Combat Units

The Metal Slug Attack becomes more user-friendly thanks to its system for recruiting combat units and individual stats for each unit. In combat, players may choose a number of troops, but the disparities in their fighting efficiency and attributes give them a lot of possibilities for putting together the strongest lineup. This game will have all of the legendary Metal Slug characters, but they will be reanimated in a new and more stunning way than the original. If the player wishes to recruit additional combat troops, they must use unique keys to unlock or activate a distinct recruitment mechanism in the game.

Missions and Questions in a Variety of Formats

The Metal Slug series has a clear narrative that requires the player to participate in a series of fierce battles against a variety of adversaries. Metal Slug Attack’s mission system, on the other hand, will become more varied and interesting, allowing players more opportunity to explore the world from various angles. Depending on the content of each mission, the player will gain a variety of wealth, and completing those missions will hasten the growth or exploitation of the base’s resources.

Turners’ Safety

It is necessary to maintain control over the Turners’ safety. Many game kinds are being created, but the tale that unites the METAL SLUG ATTACK towers remains the most compelling. Various characters with different powers work long hours to build impressive structures. Several solutions have been proposed to address the construction’s safety. Each site will be provided with a protective layer to keep armored convoys out. Scopes, long-range guns, and explosives will be used in this campaign.

Unit Administration

Unit management across the mission chain. METAL SLUG ATTACK creates a multitude of settings depending on each player’s ability and preferences; each game will have its own distinct characteristics. The goal is to collapse the tower and recapture our military stronghold, which has been taken over by the enemy. Morden’s army will amaze you with its ruthlessness. As a consequence, finishing the project is often challenging. On the other side, the difficulty will be proportional to the size of the payout at the conclusion of the campaign. If you have a huge chest full of gold, jewels, and unusual items, you’ll like this task even more!

METAL SLUG ATTACK has a mission system with a variety of missions to choose from. Players will get prizes for completing these tasks, which can be utilized to buy better characters. Make changes to your own group. This set of missions will be playable in a number of different game modes. METAL SLUG ATTACK has a variety of game modes, including hostage rescue, Combat School, and treasure seeking. Each model has its own set of interesting and unique features. Please have a look at it for yourself.

Your Squad should be upgraded.

To make your squad even more terrible, upgrade it. There is one crucial element in the METAL SLUG ATTACK roster that should not be overlooked. You’ll be rewarded with resources if you survive difficult confrontations and emerge victorious. These monies will be utilized to upgrade equipment and bring it up to par. Unlock additional talents to make them even more impressive. Your squad will grow more strong as a result. Can handle more difficult battles. From there, you’ll have additional resources to enhance. Form strong structures and destroy everyone who is in your path. By beating them, you may reclaim the glory.



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What's new

Updates in Ver 6.21.2:
Added Extra Ops
Added new units
Updated Mystery Crank
Added contents to the Dress Up
Updated Shops
Several bugs have been fixed