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Be careful, you need at least 160 MB FREE RAM to run the game.
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February 23, 2022
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Dead Effect APK MOD – Dead Effect is a space-themed 3D first-person action game in which the protagonist must battle the living dead on a space station. The gameplay is similar to that of a corridor shooter, and the narrative isn’t very original. Wade through the spaceship’s compartments, destroying swarms of zombies while trying to figure out what happened here using records discovered by the crew.

The mechanism for weapon upgrades. Throughout the quest, the hero will come across credit cards that he may spend to improve his weapons. Despite the fact that the control scheme is pretty user-friendly, you will need to practice aiming and firing. A few enemies are very mobile and don’t want to be caught off guard in almost every hallway and compartment.

dead-effect MOD
dead-effect MOD

Information OF Dead Effect APK MOD

Game NameDead Effect APK MOD
Size MB104 MB
Developed By

App Holdings

6.0 and up
Downloads1 Million+
Root Required?No
Features MODUnlimited Money, Unlimited Ammo, No Ads, Unlimited Resources,  All Unlocked,FREE Premium

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Overview of Dead Effect APK MOD

Undead Brain and Bulk Pix have released Dead Effect, a first-person shooter game for iOS and Android. On September 12, 2013, it was published for iOS, and on October 15, 2013, it was released for Android. The firm switched to a freemium model in February 2014, with the inclusion of game in-app purchases on the App Store and Google Play. On February 20, 2014, the game was authorized on Steam. On December 15,

an early access edition for Windows and OS X with game gold was released, and on April 15, an early access edition for Windows and OS X with game gold was released. The game has been downloaded over three million times and has garnered mixed reviews. One sequence, Dead Effect, was published on October 2, 2015.

The gameplay principles of The Dead Effect are comparable to those of popular first-person iOS/Android shooters like Modern Combat or NOVA. A virtual joystick on the left side of the screen controls movement, while the player rotates his finger on the touchscreen controls sight and target, however there are two shortcut keys on the right side of the screen that turn the player 90 degrees left or right instantly.

Players may participate in explosives, iron spots, reload, weapons, fire, and slow-motion mode using the virtual controls on the right side of the screen. The controls can be altered from the main menu, and each icon may be restored independently since the player fits.

Dead Effect APK MOD Features :

Embrace Difficulties

We open the survival mode doors to welcome you to the empire. There will be hundreds of tasks to complete, and you must accept each challenge to the best of your abilities. You’d be better off relying on strategy and strength to stave off your opponent’s massive assault, or you’d die. Many new sites are being built that will be fantastic, but not without risk.

Enhance Your Achievements

Many comparable games may provide you with many forms of weapons, but you must first fulfill specific milestones in Dead Effect before you may use them. Players will get keys after completing the challenge, allowing them to obtain the most powerful weapons with the most heroic fighting strength, allowing them to combat the fiercest opponents ever seen in orange fights.

Make more time for yourself.

Furthermore, the razor-thin border between life and death in this conflict necessitates maximum firepower assistance, and Dead Effect provides you exceptional bonuses. First and foremost, you possess a unique ability to reduce downtime. This gives you more time to strategize against your opponent, such as using gaps to effectively attack them.

Recognize the Ess Media Mysteries

The ESS Meridian emerges in front of your eyes, scary. There are many secrets to unravel in this location, which players will have to do. In this limitless journey packed of heart-pounding action and surprising twists and turns, this will be your objective. You can look for them almost anyplace. For example, the Dead Effect creates a panic environment by mixing the sight of scarlet blood with the sound of an extreme sound that confounds many hearts.

Gather resources such as money and weapons.

In order to get the upper hand and become the final survivor in this conflict, you must constantly search for weapons as well as the appearance of cash. It’s distributed around the area, and finding it takes some work, awareness, and talent. Dead Effect also puts a lot of pressure on you to achieve this mission. You may use the money to enhance your existing weapons or buy brand-new equipment with a range of attractive features.

This area is ripe for exploring, with brutal solo missions to boot. You’ll be your own hero for 5 hours, investigating and guiding people through an intriguing pre-made narrative. Will you be able to stand up to the terrifying fright of adversaries that aren’t afraid of the fishy stink of blood? Zombies are prepared to attack you in order to eat people in a ruthless way, and you will find yourself in a terrifying atmosphere.

Auto-fire in Dead Effect APK MOD

Auto-Fire should be avoided at all costs. You may also utilize the game’s auto-fire option. It may seem to be a smart approach for preventing overwork and allowing you to concentrate on other things, but it isn’t. Like many other mobile games (or video games for that matter), the auto option here is based on a very rudimentary AI. Turn off the auto-fire function in the settings and conduct all of your own aiming and shooting; relying on auto-fire will only annoy you.

Choose Your Reward

Choose your prizes with care. The ability to choose your award after finishing a task is another exciting component of the game. That means you may pick between more ammo and more health or energy. You may also choose to enhance your abilities. So, which would you choose? It would all depend on your present need, so select your incentives with caution.

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Take possession of your phone/tablet and eliminate diseased animals. Your user interface is ready to fire zombies.
You’re in for an epic single-player campaign with nearly 5 hours of narrative gameplay. It’s frigid and dangerous out there in space.
Throughout the game, you’ll come across additional weapons and money to add to your arsenal.
While listening to dramatic music, uncover the mysteries of the ESS Meridian and explore its gorgeous locations.
Use your incredible ability to turn back time and defeat even the most formidable adversaries!

Collect all of the weapons and unlock all of the achievements!

What is inDev?

The firm inDev Brain focuses in software development. Experienced developers (who have worked on a range of PC, console, and mobile games such as Vietcong, Mafia 2, and Cold War), enthusiasts, and most importantly, GAMERS lead inDev, a small independent firm. The brain is only a tiny part of a much bigger animal. The future is on its way!
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What's new

Fixed issues with Level 3 elevator + boss