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(Unlimited Gold, Diamonds) DEAD TARGET Zombie (MOD, Unlimited Money) The plot of the popular 3D first-person shooter, when conflict and nuclear weapons have worn out the earth. Biological weapons have been used at the conclusion of the conflict; these weapons infect all living things in their path and leave mutant ill populations in their wake. Fighting for resource balances is humanity. You managed to live and are now making an effort to survive in this hostile environment in DEAD TARGET Zombie Mod APK by using the most advanced weapons and eliminating the enemies of the crowd,
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Information About DEAD TARGET MOD APK

 DEAD TARGET Zombie (MOD, Unlimited Money) The plot of the popular 3D first-person shooter, when conflict and nuclear weapons have worn out the earth. Biological weapons have been used at the conclusion of the conflict; these weapons infect all living things in their path and leave mutant ill populations in their wake. Fighting for resource balances is humanity. You managed to live and are now making an effort to survive in this hostile environment in DEAD TARGET Zombie Mod APK by using the most advanced weapons and eliminating the enemies of the crowd,

on his route to acquire or enhance your gear that would always be stronger than his opponent. You may directly feel the fear of zombies with the aid of the video game Dead Target. In this game, you are the main character, and your objective is to eliminate the antagonist, who are basically zombies. Similar to the game’s stages, there is a sizable zombie population that never seems to end.

Latest Version4.87.0
Size144 MB
5.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads10 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

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Unlimited Gold/Money in Zombie Offline Shooting Games with DEAD TARGET The third global war, which used powerful biological weapons, has resulted in the city streets being overrun by zombies in the year 2040. Unaware of what they were doing, they turned the bulk of the populace into zombies. It goes without saying that you are the most brave and strong person to rescue the world from imminent disaster by eliminating all of the zombies that have emerged on the earth. Fight to stay alive by eliminating zombie hordes and averting global extinction.



Zombies with Different Powers

You will be tested by a variety of zombies with various skills. The game introduces players to a complex zombie system where they must battle a variety of zombies. Prepare yourself to face a wide range of distinct zombie species that come in a variety of sizes and forms. Each of them has unique skills and abilities that call for certain coping mechanisms.

As you go through the levels, you’ll run upon zombies who are more severely virus-infected and more challenging. As you engage in fight with them, drive a variety of zombies from the fortified regions.

Dealing with the huge bosses, who have immersive skills that no zombie can match, will be the hardest task. Make sure you’re ready so you can endure their assaults with unwavering resolve.


There are several distinct maps, and each offers a unique gameplay. The game’s interesting landscapes, which include wholly unique gameplay, are revealed to players. Here, you can find yourself battling zombies in cramped quarters, on a large battlefield, or under attack from a large number of the dead.

Choose the best tactics to cope with the zombies by making use of the surroundings. Aim them with accurate shots from your extensive arsenal. Launch the disgusting zombies into the air with powerful rockets.

Offline Gaming

Play the game without an internet connection. The fact that you may play the game on your mobile devices without an Internet connection is quite exciting. Despite this, you may fully enjoy the game’s mobility and play it totally offline. Furthermore, every time you re-connect to the internet, your progress will be immediately stored online.

How to Avoid Characters

In a survival adventure where there is no place for the timid or lazy, the control mechanism is simply set out, flexible, and simple to operate. Use the weapons you have at your disposal, such as pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, grenades, or even daggers, to eliminate the revolting zombies. The difficulty may be greatly lowered since this is an offline game, but later rounds are still challenging, so players shouldn’t be lax. Do you need effective snow defense? Keep your hands on the trigger, continuously squeeze the trigger, and shoot when you see the target enter your firing range.

The awful zombies must be vigorously exterminated before they infiltrate and slaughter humans since they never stop assaulting and are stalking beyond the border region. Remember to participate in Battle Pass events to gain new weaponry. The benefits of having guns with distinctive characteristics and strong destructive capability are considerable. Because you can survive without weapons in this chaotic zombie apocalypse, they may be considered survival equipment. If you wish to gather weapons, you must participate in more difficult activities. Right now, you may purchase a selection of guns and gun skins. Since there are so few zombies on the map, you will just need to utilize them to defeat them.

DEAD TARGET Unrestricted Gold

The premium money in this game is called gold, and it can be used to purchase a wide range of premium goods, including gorgeous gun skins like Golden FN, Redline, Firework, and many more.

We included an unlimited gold feature to the Dead Target Mod APK so that you may unlock things without having to pay for resources.

Countless Diamonds

Diamond is the main resource in the Dead Target game, and we may use it to buy things during events to get additional prizes. However, obtaining a diamond requires completing a number of tasks and takes a lot of time.

There is no need to worry, however, as the Dead Target hacked apk will provide your account an unlimited amount of diamonds.

Take up Battle Pass

You may purchase survival items for this free game’s Battle Pass that are not available for regular mode gathering. A range of new weaponry only appear once for shooters. Play the coolest killing game ever by signing up right now and murdering zombies!

Powerful Weapons

Enjoy powerful tools with unique capabilities. To combat the terrifying undead in Dead Target, players will have access to a range of weapons, each with unique special powers and traits. Their diverse uses will be quite useful while fighting different enemies.

You can find yourself acquiring a variety of weapons with different shooting ranges and capabilities, such as assault rifles, rocket launchers, and so on. You may completely change the look of your armament by using the upgrade options. If you know how to utilize and customize each weapon, you can become the master.

Incredible improvements

Amazing improvements that have the power to drastically change the course of a conflict. In the game, players are exposed to a range of boosts and powerful weapons, both of which have the potential to greatly increase their abilities. You may choose from basic improvements like improving your damage output, accuracy, or firing rate to astounding improvements that, particularly if you’re fighting with teammates, can even swing the balance of the combat.

Obtain Wonderful Rewards

To fight off the zombies and get wonderful prizes, take on different chores. Dead Target players may participate in intriguing activities to earn amazing and beneficial gaming items. Bring out your favorite weapons and do brave deeds. Take care of many animals to gain experience and advance. Expand your access to amazing equipment and weapons to further your trip. You may fulfill some of the game’s strangest and most interesting milestones to receive fantastic rewards.

images and audio

The visuals in this game are extremely impressive for a smartphone game. This excellent game lets you blast zombies in console-caliber gameplay on your mobile devices. Enjoy the stunning visual effects as taking down your enemies with valiant bullets. Blood effects and lighting effects have never been seen before.

Dead Target is notable for also providing a useful adjustable graphics option for entry-level devices. As a consequence, you may simply lower the graphics setting to improve gameplay and make it suitable with your devices’ technology.

System of Appealing Awards

In order to rise in rank and get incredible shooting gun weaponry, shooters reply to assignments by fulfilling tasks. Kill more zombies and finish your task in the offline version of the sniper game to boost your likelihood of becoming a legend. Strange accomplishments are usually the most rewarding ones in zombie games!

Simple yet addictive gameplay

Thanks to the auto-fire function in shooting games, zombie shooters may focus more on shooting from the dead.

You are pulled into a pleasant and addictive fight by modern control. Cover all of the exits since your mission is to shoot zombies and defend yourself! On the battlefield, it is now time to start firing. Send your best sniper and sharpshooter to the front lines. Shoot to kill in special operations, move swiftly, and survive in this online 3D sniper game!

Free Online Games for Teenagers

You can always shoot zombies in DEAD TARGET since it can be played without an internet connection! WiFi is not necessary to play this offline shooting game; nevertheless, you may download it without it. Shooting game players without internet may enjoy the 3D zombie apocalypse visuals. You may also hear a variety of sound effects from different epic shooting firearms in these offline games.

Leaderboard for the contest

Raise the pistol and squeeze the trigger to see who can commit the most murders in this offline shooting game. Then, by keeping track of your kills total, state your values. Shoot the most zombies in offline games to become famous!


In this game, we have access to a wide range of potent weapons, such as the Flamethrower, Ak-47, Tesla Gun, M249 LMG, Sound Breaker, Spray Laser, and many more, to fight against zombies. The problem is that all of them are locked and need in-app charges in order to be unlocked.

Since all of the weapons are unlocked and available for use at any time in the Dead Target Mod APK, I’ve given it as a result.

Funny Zombie Game

These 3D zombie games use a range of deadly killing methods to generate its undead. They are not ignorant. Shooters will also uncover a ton of various zombie species in this offline shooting game!

Zombies are coming your way; let’s take them out and show that we are the finest hunters!

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