Super City APK MOD v1.24 Download 2022 (MOD Unlocked)


Super City APK MOD – v1.24 Download 2022 (MOD Unlocked) Super City is a simulation game in which players assume the role of superheroes while managing an extraterrestrial organization. Everything within comprises a wide variety of material, features, options, and more that may be utilized to enhance gaming or engage gamers on a deeper level. Furthermore, the game is fully based on the hero element, enabling players to create their own city using their creativity.
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April 14, 2021
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Inroduction Of Super City APK MOD

Super City APK MOD – Super City is a simulation game in which players assume the role of superheroes while managing an extraterrestrial organization. Everything within comprises a wide variety of material, features, options, and more that may be utilized to enhance gaming or engage gamers on a deeper level. Furthermore, the game is fully based on the hero element, enabling players to create their own city using their creativity.

In this game, each character has distinct powers that may be used during difficult battles. As you go through the stages, your character grows more dependable, and you acquire access to more powerful techniques and combos. Fortunately, we have the option of customizing our character’s look as well as a selection of luxurious accessories. However, as we all know, many fantastic customization options are locked in this game, and if we want to use them, we’ll have to pay real money for the editor option in the game shop.

App NameSuper City MOD APK
Latest Version1.24
Size43 MB
Developed ByMDickie
RequirementVaries with device
Worldwide Downloads10 Million+
Root Required?No
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All, MOD Unlocked

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Information of the Super City MOD APK Game

The gameplay is uncomplicated, easy to understand, and fun. Similarly, the controls are straightforward and easy to use. Tap the arrow buttons on the left side of the screen to move your character. Tap the buttons on the right side of your screen to attack, block, run, and do other actions. The nicest aspect about this game is that you may pick from up to 150 different superheroes and villains, as well as create your own own character with your own abilities, outfits, moves, and name. At the start of the game, you create your own unique character. You may give him a name and alter his abilities. After that, the game will start in your bedroom, where you may practice your controls.

Everywhere you walk, you’ll come across a bevy of formidable superheroes. You may find it difficult to play at first, but as you battle more opponents, you will grow more used to the controls. Fighting is a really simple process. Simply strike while blocking your opponents’ actions. You can punch, leap, and soar at your opponents, as well as pick up and toss items from the ground. Take firearms from the ground and shoot at your enemies. Guns are quite useful since they enable you to kill your opponents without having to approach them. Pick up shovels, rocket launchers, guitars, hammers, and arrows to attack your opponents with.

Super City APK MOD Game Features

Unlocking Superheroes

As we all know, this game has over 150 superheroes, each with its own unique set of skills and powers. However, many of the superheroes are trapped in the game. The only way to get them is to complete missions. Go to our website and download this mod if you want all of the superheroes pre-unlocked from the start of the game.

Sound and graphics

The visuals of this game are odd and interesting in a number of ways. When a user who has never played this game sees their superheroes in such digital avatars, they will be astounded. Prepare to be surprised if you are the sort of person who appreciates seeing their superhero characters in the most creative manner possible. Because everything is manufactured one-of-a-kind here, whether it’s the design of your favorite superhero or their personalities, the graphics are certainly crafted in amusing and strange ways.

Weapons that have been unlocked

Aside from skills and abilities, having some of the most devastating weapons to beat your opponents would be perfect. As a consequence, we’ve unlocked all of the mod’s most lethal weapons, enabling you to easily dispatch your adversaries.

Heroes’ system

According to the game’s creator, there will be a total of 150 characters in the game. Understanding each hero’s abilities will take a long time. Not only is it a hard fight, but the character also puts the players under a lot of stress when they play it. The player may walk, leap, and fly without any limitations, which is the human side restriction. The weak will be progressively exterminated as Super City becomes a struggle for heroes. Mentally prepared and strengthened to confront the enemy’s threat.

Combative skills

Each character has their own set of combat skills. The game is controlled with letter symbols on the sides of the screen. Each one, of course, has its own set of skills, such as jumping, attacking, and flying… It is, nevertheless, quite simple to remember. Simply focus on a few bouts and win, and the talent will come back to you without you even recognizing it. Give the bad guys some life lessons that they will never forget.

Real-life superheroes enjoy a safe sanctuary in Super City. Explore the vast galaxy and battle with hundreds of different characters. Hands and eyes may be used as weapons to attack the adversary in this game. It’s impossible to know what you’ll confront ahead of time. Surrendering to a formidable opponent, on the other hand, is not a good idea. Download the Super City mod to return to superhero survival mode and take control of this city.

Characters may be customized

Following hero selection, you’ll be able to change the look of your character. Super City (Superhero Sim) has a huge amount of skins to choose from. You have a lot of choices, starting with the color of your hair, mustache, and beard and ending with the dimensions. There are over a hundred distinct types of faces and roughly 80 different hairstyles to choose from. You’ll need to pick a superpower for your hero and improve his damage, defense, and speed indicators once you’ve completed creating his look. The character editor is quite diverse in general, and getting your hero ready here may take a long time.

Zones that aren’t locked

In this game, there are around 30 distinct zones. However, at the start of the game, you will only be allowed to play in select zones. You must first climb to higher levels in order to unlock additional zones, which takes a lot of work and time. You will, however, have immediate access to all of the game’s zones if you use the Super City hacked apk.


Aside from traditional fistfights and weapon battles, each hero has a unique ability that is selected throughout the fighter creation process. There are a lot of these skills. There are other choices available, including Palm Lazer, Eye Lazer, Chest Lazer, Freeze, Web, Logthing, Invisibility, Arrow, Ninja, Mind control, Attract Object, Imitate appearance, Sleep, Blinding, Defecation, Forse push, Ignite, Rescale, Green Lazer, and Telepathy. As you can see, Super City contains over twenty skills, many of them are rather distinctive, so choose wisely.

Super City MOD Premium Unlocked

If you’ve ever played this game, you’ll know that customizing the heroes is restricted due to the fact that many of the game’s most important features are hidden away in the in-game shop. To get around these limitations, we unlocked all of the game’s premium features, ensuring that your enjoyment of the game will never be limited.

Mechanics of Combat

The best thing about the mega metropolis is that you don’t have to employ any of the fighting systems. To activate the heroes’ different abilities, just press the controlling button. It might be tough to safeguard the city when you’re a superhero, but if you know the right sort of mechanism, nothing will stand in your way. The beauty of this game is that when everything is kept basic, it becomes a lot more pleasant.


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What's new

- Wider display for enhanced compatibility with modern phones in either landscape orientation, whilst still retaining support for older 32-bit devices.
- Faster frame rate recommended by default (130%).