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Download 2022 [Unlimited Money] Truck Simulator PRO 2 is a high-quality racing game with excellent graphics. Because the game is set in the United States, the player will travel around the nation, starting in New York and ending in Las Vegas. However, he will deliver the goods and earn a profit.
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July 22, 2021
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Information Truck Simulator PRO 2 APK MOD

Truck Simulator PRO 2 APK MOD- Truck Simulator PRO 2 is a high-end racing game with excellent graphics. Because the game is set in the United States, the player will travel around the nation, starting in New York and ending in Las Vegas. However, he will deliver the goods and earn a profit. The player will be able to test drive a few strong trucks, with the ability to upgrade the machines in the garage by modifying the trucks’ look and characteristics.

Truck Simulator PRO 2 is a truck driving simulation game set on the American West Coast. You’ll spend time learning how to operate the truck and proving your driving skills in a number of situations. You’ll embark on fun travels with realistic settings and a variety of jobs, and the money you earn will be used to unlock a variety of new items.

Truck Simulator PRO 2 APK MOD
Truck Simulator PRO 2 APK MOD
Game NameTruck Simulator PRO 2 APK
Version v1.8
Size MB
 36 MB
Developed By

Mageeks Apps & Games

4.4 +
Downloads1.2 Million+
Root Required?No
Features MODUnlimited Money, No Ads, Unlimited Resources,  MOD Unlocked, God Mode, Premium FREE
Truck Simulator PRO 2 APK MOD1
Truck Simulator PRO 2 APK MOD1

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Truck Simulator PRO 2 APK Overview

Truck Simulator PRO 2 (MOD Unlocked, %100 Unlimited Money) – A fun Android game in which you must become a transportation transporter for various commodities. To remain on time and prevent damage your vehicle, you must pick up items from one area and transport them to the appropriate locations on the map. Remember to refuel and maintain your car, as well as to buy a new vehicle that is more powerful and fit for each of your responsibilities.

This game is guaranteed to give you with a lot of fun and excitement, and it comes with a host of amazing features to make the experience even better. Those who have tried out the truck simulator pro 2 mod game have given it a lot of positive reviews. The bulk of these reviews compliment the game’s difficulty and enjoyment, as well as how effectively it replicates driving a truck.


Features Truck Simulator PRO 2 APK MOD

Screenshot of the Tutorial

Choose the Right Job to Make Money. You’ll have a decent notion of what you need to accomplish after you’ve completed the instructional screen in Truck Simulator PRO 2. You will drive your truck to a preset place after picking the task on the information board on your left. This sheet is essential since it shows the trailer’s damage as well as the driver’s degree of weariness. At the same time, it serves as a map to assist you in navigating the huge landscape.

The path you must take will be marked in a bright color for easy identification, and you must accept the assignment when you reach the arrow icon in order to proceed and connect with the trailer.

Then you’ll drive your truck to the next site, which will be farther distant than the previous trailer’s itinerary. Simultaneously, there will always be challenges to conquer and resources to draw from along the road. Two factors to evaluate are the driver’s tiredness index and the trailer damage. You’ll need to drive cautiously and make full use of the vehicle’s internals, such as the signal lights, since the trailer is only damaged to the point where you can see it. Simultaneously, after each drive, the tiredness bar and the quantity of gas utilized will both drop. There are various locations where you may go to upgrade the car and driver to prevent having to stop along the road.

Experiment with various missions.

The tasks featured in Truck Simulator PRO 2 APK MOD will take your breath away. It’s fascinating to them since part of their job is towing various trailers. Simultaneously, each action has a certain quantity of money that you may earn if you do it successfully. Then you’ll spend time hunting for the jobs you desire and completing the necessary prerequisites, such as leveling up. On the job board, you may choose from a number of locations that will be shown on a map.

You’ll have time to go to these places, and each one has its own distinct characteristics that you won’t want to miss. You can get the impression that you’re inspecting the surroundings as well as delivering the trailer. As a consequence, you’ll set aside some time to quench your need for knowledge.

Unlock various trucks

As you go through the stages of Truck Simulator PRO 2, you will unlock additional objectives that will assist you in earning a lot of money. You will have finished the game screen after a lengthy amount of time and will be able to acquire a car with a range of styles. At the same time, you need pay attention to their numbers in addition to their style, since they will help you navigate the game’s varied terrain types. Aside from stats, the sections that the business pushes are the ones that will drain your bank account.

You’ll be able to choose a large variety of accessories to personalize your vehicle. Of course, there will be a variety of them, and unlocking them will need a certain level, with the majority of their effects being to boost the truck’s stats. As a consequence, you’ll be able to locate the appropriate vehicle for your needs.

From a different perspective, strength

Truck Simulator PRO 2 is a tough and fussy game to play, much like many other driving simulation games. It’s also a little tedious to play for an extended amount of time if you don’t like it. Each level, on the other hand, will disclose a plethora of fresh knowledge if you are a devoted player who wants to immerse oneself in this game.

The publisher has taken use of the configurable viewing angle feature’s inherent advantages to alleviate that “difficulty.” Players may seamlessly switch between the First-Person and Third-Person views (backward, left-to-left, right-over, and top-down). You’ll get a genuine idea of what it’s like to sit in a truck cabin from a first-person viewpoint. There are a plethora of buttons and switches in front of you that you must master in order to control and travel throughout America. With this viewpoint, you are more proactive, hands-on, and adaptive in your driving, but you lose out on the beauty of the vast open countryside.

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While retaining control of the car, the third-person viewpoint lets you to take in the scenery. On the other hand, driving is a weird experience. I simply keep switching back and forth since there are a few visibly hard turns that can only be “sensed” by self-driving in the cabin. However, there are some beautiful sunset routes. What a shame if you don’t hurry outdoors at that precise time to take in the scenery.

Job that is both prudent and principled

Driving a truck is a wise and ethical profession. Truck Simulator PRO 2 is recommended for everyone who still feels driving a truck is straightforward but is having problems with it. Play until the night truck reaches the United States, and you’ll see how similar it is to Hades’ massive boss deal.

You may acquire the habit of driving wildly and bashing into everything in your way after playing several entertaining racing games. When you get here, though, you must break that habit since every legislation governing big truck driving on the road must be strictly followed. Everything from maximum speed to correct parking, turning signals, and having a specified amount of time to watch the road must be strictly followed. So, regardless of how much racing experience you have, Truck Simulator PRO 2 APK MOD will need you to learn from the bottom up.

Truck Simulator PRO 2 Patience is required.

Playing this game requires some patience at first. Learning how to operate the buttons will take up a significant chunk of that time. Switch between viewing positions, combine buttons and joysticks, and keep an eye on the rearview mirror while driving. Remember to avoid colliding with other cars and obeying all traffic regulations. Even if you’ve mastered it, you’ll need to be more careful as time goes on. Because even a single second of tiredness on the road might lead to a catastrophic accident.

Things That Are New

There’s a new version, and additional content has been included. Truck Simulator PRO 2 is now one of the greatest truck driving simulation games for mobile devices. The company’s once-popular Truck Simulator PRO 2016 has been overhauled and improved.

In this sequel, you’ll be driving huge trucks to pick up and distribute items throughout a wide area that spans 10 cities and hundreds of miles of US highways. There are a variety of scenarios that will put your caution and driving abilities to the test. It periodically travels across hills, valleys, and marshes through viaducts, major crossroads, sharp twists, or twisting paths. On your trip, you’ll stop in places including Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Helena, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, El Paso, Albuquerque, and San Diego.

Driving Truck Simulator PRO MOD

It isn’t only a matter of driving. Because of the repetitive nature of the tasks, driving simulation games are commonly labeled as monotonous. The publisher has given Truck Simulator PRO 2 a distinct flavor to keep this to a minimal. To make the maximum money, you must not only drive, but also coordinate and manage all of your actions, such as picking up and delivering items on time. Furthermore, the cops may be following you on your journey. Don’t disobey a fundamental driving rule if you don’t want fines and penalties to hurt your pocketbook.

Despite numerous hardships and pains on limitless roads, you will acquire money and get wealthy with time. You’re going to purchase a lot more new cars. When buying a vehicle, you may freely modify parts such as the wheels, spoilers, gearbox, fenders, and exhaust system. If you have more vehicles, you may hire more drivers to get more contracts. You will eventually become the owner of a reputable trucking company in the business. You’re not simply driving as in most other games; you’re also developing a genuine trucking company.

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What's new

Howdy Truck Simulator PRO fans,
Changes in the current version:
* Performance improvements
* New Android version support
* Other minor bug fixes

Thank you for all your feedback! If you have any ideas for future fixes and improvements feel free to e-mail us at