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Zombie Diary (MOD, limitless money) - You are the sole survivor of the zombie apocalypse, and it is up to you to complete a mission to cleanse the country of the undead.
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Mountain Lion
May 26, 2021
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Information About Zombie Diary APK MOD

Zombie Diary APK MOD – Zombie Diary (MOD Unlocked, %100 Unlimited Money) – You are the only zombie apocalypse survivor, and it is up to you to execute a task to rid the land of the undead. You will recover on a perilous journey through four worlds, on the road shooting endless waves of zombies at the end of each level you must fight with the boss collecting coins and crystals for future improvements and purchases, by selecting one of the five available characters, how to arm it and shells, the benefit of a lack of weapons and uniforms in the game, by selecting one of the five available characters, how to arm it and shells, the benefit of a lack of weapons and uniforms in the game, by selecting

It is up to you to carry out your human purpose. You may now pick up weapons to fight for human density and murder endless undead. Remember that your first objective is to live. Let’s start the celebrations! Let’s get this world-saving business launched!

Zombie Diary APK MOD
Zombie Diary APK MOD


Game NameZombie Diary APK
Version v1.3.3
Size MB
20 MB
Developed By

Storm8 Studios

4.4 +
Downloads1.3 Million+
Root Required?No
Features MODUnlimited Money, Diamonds, Free Shopping, All Unlocked, MOD Unlocked, FREE Premium

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Overview of Zombie Diary APK

Experience post-apocalyptic survivor gameplay while exploring an entirely new world in Mountain Lion’s excellent 2D zombie shooter, Zombie Diary. Try to remain alive day after day while being assaulted by horrifying zombies who are all wanting your brain. Pick up your weapons and join the fight against these heinous monsters, smashing them with your powerful blasts. You’ll be the last person battling for human survival on the planet if you can stave off waves upon waves of revolting zombies.

Zombie Diary: Survival (MOD, Unlimited Money) – A wonderful Android arcade game in which you must fight voracious zombies and terrifying mutant animals that have overrun the city. You have a large arsenal at your disposal, as well as a wide range of weapons, equipment, and ammunition. Choose your favorite ammo and fight in over 150 distinct locales in this action-packed game. Also, don’t forget to search the shattered buildings’ levels for any alive or surviving people; find them all to collect the primary reward.

Features of Zombie Diary APK MOD

Several Weapons

There are several weapons from which to chose. Handguns, rifles, sniper rifles, and even Mecha guns are among the roughly 30 major weapons available on the market. You may get it by purchasing it in the store before to beginning the combat or by picking it up in the midst of the battle. Each weapon has a variable quantity of ammunition and may inflict varying degrees of damage. Upgrading weapons is a fantastic method to improve your character’s strength as well as the weapon’s power.

Zombies Diary must be defeated.

You must combat zombies in many tales. There are five main narratives in the game, each with its own past and characters. As a result, you’ll be able to choose from a number of tasks, each with its unique set of challenges. Furthermore, each of our characters has their own unique talents and powers, adding to the game’s attractiveness.

Discover Incredible Maps

Take a look at these incredible maps. In addition, players in Zombie Diary will have to combat zombies across four distinct maps. The Cemetery, Laboratory, Street, and Prison are all present in the game. In this game, you’ll be up against infinite herds of zombies with overwhelming numbers. Send them directly to hell with your powerful weapons.

Robot with great strength

Activate the strong robot and go to town on the undead. You’ll also be able to use powerful mecha weaponry to defend our heroes from wicked animals. These are the renowned Robots, with unmatched defensive and offensive capabilities. They possess extraordinary powers and can dispatch a big number of creatures in a matter of seconds.

A Wide Range Of Zombies

Take on a variety of zombies, each with their own set of skills. But don’t fool yourself into thinking the game is simple; you’ll be up against strong zombies wherever you go. However, fighting with these creatures will be very difficult due to the large number of distinct types of zombies, each with their own unique powers. It’s also rewarding to be able to use your legendary weapons to defeat them.

Possessing a collection of unrivaled powers

Despite its simplicity, the game contains up to 24 different weapons. The vast bulk of them focus on weapons and special powers. For example, cannons, chainsaws, and ice weapons… Isn’t it enough to merely hear or read their name and know what they do? What counts is if you can promote power effectively. Depending on the weapon, they will have a set amount of rounds. There are several assistance items available during fighting. Shields that absorb damage, shoes with wings that increase speed, or even a giant mecha with unsurpassed power are all options.

Weapons Of Various Types

You’ll need a range of weaponry to battle the undead. You’ll also have access to powerful guns, which you may employ to annihilate the undead. Swords, handguns, rifles, machine guns, and even rocket launchers are among the weapons available. As you utilize your strong attacks to eliminate the zombies one by one, have fun.

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Zombie Diary APK MOD 3D Graphics

3D graphics that are both enjoyable to look at and listen to. Another significant element of this game is the 3D visuals, which include a range of intriguing artwork. Despite the zombie theme, there will be no horror or gore moments in the game. Instead, it’s a hilariously designed zombie-infested street situation. You may hear the character’s gunshots, growls, and footsteps as you go through each level. Simple 2D visuals are employed in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution. Despite the game’s zombie premise, the characters are rendered in a cartoon manner, making it more of a comedy than a horror game with dramatic sweeps. interesting and intriguing The game screen is built in a variety of colors and situations, from the street to the lab.

Learn about a variety of characters.

The story centres on a solitary survivor in Zombie Diary. In fact, you may play as one of up to five different characters. There are no specific guidelines to follow. They even have separate roles and abilities, which are perfect for bringing variation to games. There are five characters in all, each with a unique appearance and set of powers. You will surely not be bored if you employ them in warfare. Not only that, but upgrading is a primary priority in order to boost ability and stamina. Demonstrate your destructive power to the ones that matter the most to you.

A Large Cast of Characters

There are several characters from which to pick. You may spend the money on additional characters, each with their own set of traits as well as advantages and disadvantages. Potions, like weapons, may be used to boost your character’s stats. Switching between characters depending on their skills allows you to fulfill a variety of tasks. For example, in an escape mission, a character with a quicker running speed should be preferred, but in a rescue operation, the survival of a character with a lot of blood and armor should be emphasized.

Key Features Game

  • 24 various guns to equip and use;

  • 5 different roles to play with varied attributes;

  • 5 different talents to boost your abilities;

  • There are four maps in the game;

  • Three mechs can make you the world’s ruler;


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Original APK : from google play 

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Highlighted Features Zombie Diary APK

1- 24 guns you can equip and use;
2- 5 roles with different properties you can play;
3- 5 skills to improve your ability;
4- 4 maps in the game;
5- 3 meches can make you the king of the world;
6- Various types of zombies, quick, strong, remote attack and powerful boss;
7- Different task modes;
8- You can earn money in training room which appears after five days;
9- You can get extra bonus base on your blood percent when level cleared;
10- Various achivements you can reach and obtain the corresponding rewards.


What's new

Some issues have been fixed.